West Point Leadership Center Cadet Fellows

West Point Leadership Center Cadet Fellows

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“WPNP not only allowed me to build a sense of self-confidence instructing others but also sparked my interest in the usefulness of understanding the foundations of negotiating in the military. Every decision that leaders make involving another party involves one form or another of negotiating. The WPNP AIAD was my most educational 3 weeks at West Point while also interacting with the types of soldiers I may lead one day. Overall, an awesome experience” - CDT Tyler Long (WPNP fellow)

"I used to think of negotiation as a strategy to defeat my opponent. Little that I know, I was not aware of the difference between positional negotiation and principled negotiation. Now I believe negotiation is a value creation skill that is applicable to both professional and personal life. The right negotiation creates a win-win situation which everyone gains more value and a few more friends." - CDT Leang Tri

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