The U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command Space and High-Altitude Research Center (SMDC-SHARC) provides space operations education and directs space, high-altitude, and missile defense research at West Point in order to develop warfighting concepts and space-smart leaders for the Army and the Army's contribution to the Joint Force.


A modern space, high-altitude, and missile defense research center that inspires the future generation of Army leaders and develops capabilities to support the warfighter.

Current Projects

Space Engineering and Applied Research

The near-term goal for the Space Engineering and Applied Research Hypersonic Rocket Team (SPEAR-HRT) is to build the first U.S. Military Academy Rocket to pass the coordinating line (aka the Karman Line) into United States Space Command's (USSPACECOM) Area of Responsibility (100 km in altitude).

Black Knight Satellite (BKS)

IThe near-term goal for Black Knight Satellite (BKS) is to build a modular CubeSat control system that can integrate commercially available CubeSat parts and seamlessly integrate those parts to support a militarily relevant payload.

High-Altitude Balloon (HAB)

The near-term goal for the High-Altitude Balloon (HAB) is to act as a testbed for ground communications and CubeSat systems prior to launch. 

Flexible Ground Suite (FGS)

The near-term goal for the Flexible Ground Suite (FGS) is leverage software defined radios (SDR) to track satellites in all Earth orbit regimes. The long-term goal for FGS is to leverage SDRs and other technologies to demonstrate a wide range of military communications and remote sensing applications.

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SHARC Director
LTC Christopher B. Hassan
FA 40 (Space Ops)
Bartlett Hall, Room 166

Interested in Army Space Operations?

If you’re an ROTC or USMA cadet and you’re interested in joining the Army Space Operations community full time as an FA40,sign up for the Assured Functional Area Transfer (AFAT).  If selected, you’ll be guaranteed the opportunity to transition to the functional area at 48 months of service!