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Welcome to the Department of Systems Engineering


Cadets after briefing their project at the General Donald R. Keith Memorial Capstone Conference DSE DSE instructor and Officer Representative for the Army Football Team, MAJ Tony Bianchi. Cadets Brian Mush, Nick Coronato, Geoffrey Hansen, and MAJ Lawrence Nunn after winning in the Virginia Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation Center Capstone Conference! DSE Cadets tour Orange Counter Choppers (OCC) as part of SE301, our introdcution to systems engineering course.
Here in the Department, our vision is to be ‘The Army’s Systems Engineering Department’ - educating cadets and developing faculty to lead teams that develop and implement high value solutions to challenging problems in a dynamic, uncertain, and technologically complex world.
Our philosophy is that all activities ultimately focus on integrating teaching and professional practice to achieve a formal overarching goal for the USMA intellectual domain: Cadets anticipate and respond effectively to the uncertainties of a changing technological, social, political, and economic world. To that end, faculty and cadets need to be capable of addressing complex problems outside of traditional engineering domains.
We achieve this goal through not only traditional course work, but also through blended faculty and cadet teams which create synergistic, one-of-a kind capabilities for support to the Army, Department of Defense, and the Nation. Cadets and faculty have unique, enriched learning experiences by working challenging and relevant problems.
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