Center for Enhanced Performance

USMAPS students gather outside


USMAPS faculty member demonstrates class material with student.


Mission: The mission of the Center for Enhanced Performance (CEP) is to prepare students for challenges at the United States Military Academy through mentoring and academic counseling, and teaching a combination of learning, reading, and performance enhancement skills.

The objectives are for Cadet Candidates (CCs) to be able to:

  • Manage time and personal organization.
  • Enhance study habits and note-taking strategies.
  • Apply critical reading and thinking skills to college level material.
  • Use problem-solving techniques to overcome academic obstacles.
  • Learn how to effectively manage stress and energy.
  • Set and meet goals.

Student Development Course (SDC)

CCs enroll in SDC each quarter to discover a variety of strategies for enhancing self-discipline and developing highly effective academic and personal skills and practices.  CCs learn and apply self-regulatory skills to the USMAPS curriculum and sample plebe course material.
CEP instructors meet with CCs one-on-one and in small group sessions for individualized assistance in performance enhancement strategies and life-skills, and to track academic progress.  The CEP also coordinates the CC Development Teams (CDTs), which are specific to each CC and comprised of his or her instructors, TAC, and coach.  These CDTs monitor the CC’s academic, military and physical progress to ensure optimal performance.
Tutoring/Study Groups
The CEP coordinates tutoring and “study buddies” to assist CCs in achieving academic success. 

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