Department of Mathematics

Mission: The mission of the USMAPS Mathematics Department is to prepare Cadet Candidates to succeed in the Mathematics Department at USMA. The Department will accomplish its mission by enabling Cadet Candidates to perform the following mission essential tasks:

  1. Acquire a body of basic skills in mathematics: Students will develop a mathematical knowledge base that can be applied to the mathematical modeling and calculus courses at West Point. The body of basic skills includes being able to evaluate, manipulate, and simplify algebraic and trigonometric expressions; solve equations and inequalities; and recognize, manipulate, and graph common algebraic and trigonometric functions.
  2. Communicate effectively: Students will be able to clearly articulate their thoughts, ideas, and problem-solving processes to others using appropriate mathematical terminology.
  3. Apple technology: Students will become proficient with the TI-30 scientific calculator, Mathematica, and Excel.
  4. Build competent and confident problem solvers: Students will become competent and confident problem solvers by applying mathematical reasoning: recognizing relationships, similarities, and differences among mathematical concepts.
  5. Develop habits of mind: Students will improve their reasoning power by using multiple modes of thought to include deduction, induction, algorithms, approximation, implications, etc.