Battalion Tactical Department 


Cadet Candidates rappel a 90ft rock face during Fall Field Training Exercise (FTX).

The Battalion Tactical Department (BTD) oversees military training, USMA admission gates, and other administration requirements for each Cadet Candidate (CC) during his or her ten month tenure at USMAPS.  Military training begins on the first day the CCs arrive with a four-week training program referred to as Cadet Candidate Basic Training (CCBT).  The focus of this training includes Basic Rifle Marksmanship, Land Navigation, Medical Readiness Training, and Crew Served Weapon Familiarization Fire.  The CCs are also taught the basics of drill and ceremony, military customs and courtesies, recognizing and understanding military rank structure and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.  Military training is deliberately injected into the CC’s academic year curriculum through a military science program.

In addition to training traditional military skills, the BTD conducts a comprehensive Character Development Program during CCBT and throughout the academic year.  The foundation of CC character development starts with the bedrock seven Army Values: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.  CCs are also trained and expected to live by the Cadet Honor Code: “A Cadet will not lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do.”  In order to ensure that USMAPS is in direct strategic alignment with USMA, the CC character development program specifically teaches CCs about honorable living.  Essentially, living honorably equates to doing what is right at all times even if no one is looking.  Finally, the BTD leverages West Point’s Simon Center for Professional Military Ethics (SCPME) to round out a tier one character development program.

The BTD is comprised of three CC companies with a Tactical Officer and Tactical Non-Commissioned Officer in charge of each.  These three companies combine to make up the CC Battalion, which is lead by the Battalion Tactical Officer (BTO) and a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer who report directly to the  USMAPS Commandant.

Company A Flag

            A Company

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            B Company

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            C Company



Battalion Leadership Flag

 Battalion Leadership

Military Training patch

 Military Training