Cadet Review/Parade Schedule 2023

Sat., Aug. 12         10:00 a.m.     Parade   The Plain
Fri., Aug. 255:00 p.m.Ring Weekend The Plain
Sun., Sept. 37:00 p.m.Band ConcertThe Plain
Mon., Sept. 47:00 p.m.Band ConcertThe Plain (Weather backup day only)     
Fri., Sept. 85:00 p.m.Branch Week Combined Arms Exercise     The Plain
Sat., Sept. 99:00 a.m.ParadeThe Plain
Thur., Sept. 215:00 p.m.ParadeThe Plain
Sat., Oct. 79:00 a.m.ParadeThe Plain
Sat., Oct. 1412:30 p.m.ParadeThe Plain
Sat., Oct. 289:00 a.m.ParadeThe Plain
Sat., Nov. 119:00 a.m.ParadeThe Plain
Sat., Nov. 189:00 a.m.ParadeThe Plain


For Parade/Review information, call the Visitors Center at (845) 938-2638.