DFL Prospective Rotating Military Faculty

DFL Prospective Rotating Military Faculty

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Thank you for your interest in teaching in the Department of Foreign Languages!

For the Faculty Search Period with a deadline of 25 October 2023, we are specifically looking for instructors of Arabic (2 year ACS slot), German (2 year ACS slot), Persian (2 year ACS slot), Russian (2 year ACS slot), French (Direct Hire Slot), Spanish (Direct Hire Slot), and Portuguese (Direct Hire Slot). We are also looking for a French Rotating PhD (3 year ACS slot). Those officers would start graduate school, if necessary, during the Summer of 2025, with a follow-on assignment in the Department of Foreign Languages at West Point beginning on or around 1 July 2027 or for the French PhD 1 July 2028. 

Direct hires would begin on or around 1 July 2025 (see the FAQ portion of this website for ACS and Direct Hire tour lengths, however they are all 3-year teaching positions). DFL also hires Chinese Instructors, however we are not actively looking for these during this hiring cycle.

What would I be teaching?

The Department continually seeks talented faculty who are experts in the disciplines that comprise our majors and minor – foreign areas, foreign languages, regional studies – and are committed to enhancing the education and development of cadets.

What are some opportunities to advance in my career?

The Department of Foreign Language's Research Center offers a robust selection of research, scholarship, collaboration, and professional development opportunities to help our faculty remain at the forefront of their disciplines.

Application packets are due by 1 November

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Rotating military faculty consists of of active-duty captains, majors, and lieutenant colonels. An assignment to West Point as a rotating faculty member requires officers to submit an application through the CAC-enabled TEACH system

Department-Specific Questions and Requirements

In order to teach in the Department of Foreign Languages (DFL) an Officer must:

  • be in the grade of O3 or above (primary focus on year groups 2017, 2018 and 2019)
  • be a career course graduate
  • be Company Grade Key Development (KD) complete (No later than start of graduate school)
  • possess the aptitude to teach one or more of the languages within the DFL, based on your Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) score (2/2 or higher) and a candidate interview
  • possess at least a master’s degree in the language being taught

Graduate study concentrations such as Area Studies may only be considered on a case-by-case basis and approved by the DFL Chain of Command.

You can apply to join the rotating military faculty through the Army Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS) program (master’s or, in some cases, Ph.D.) or through a direct fill assignment (if you already possess at least a master’s degree and display proficiency in the language).  If selected to teach in DFL, the Army will grant you a fully paid scholarship to earn a graduate degree from a U.S. university of your choice (concentrating in literature, linguistics, or second language acquisition).  Master’s degree candidates must complete their degree in one or two years; Ph.D. candidates have three years. 

Upon degree completion, rotating military faculty members will serve a three-year utilization tour teaching foreign language at USMA. 

For ACS hires, the experience is five years.  After you become Key Development (KD) as a captain, you spend two years in graduate school and then three years teaching at West Point.

For direct hires, the experience is two to three years.  You must be KD for your appropriate rank and then will spend two to three years teaching at West Point.  To qualify as a direct hire, you must already have a master’s degree and a 2/2 DLPT in the desired language.

Officers who attend graduate school under the ACS program incur an Active Duty Service Obligation (ADSO) of three days for every one day in graduate school. Most officers spend two years in graduate school and incur a six-year ADSO. The good news is that your three-year teaching assignment at USMA counts towards that ADSO.

Once you are accepted as an instructor, you will work with your specific language section’s Program Director (senior Ph.D. faculty member) and Desk Chief (senior military faculty) to determine which schools to apply to, based upon programs that have worked well with USMA in the past and your academic interests. After receiving your acceptance letters, you and the Program Director will work together to determine which university is the best fit.

This period is needed for us to get HRC approval for officers to attend graduate school (approximately 6 months), and then to give officers time to apply to a variety of graduate schools (most universities have application deadlines of November or December of the year prior to beginning grad school).

Yes, you can. If selected, the Army will simply change you over to the ACS program.

As long as you graduate with a language-related degree or demonstrate language proficiency through your DLPT score and interview with DFL, you can potentially serve as a DFL instructor.

Stay in contact and work with the language section’s Program Director to determine which schools you should apply to and what courses of study you should focus on.  Contact MAJ Nowak for a list of Program Directors.

Yes, you can! We have several officers teaching in the Department who majored in something other than foreign languages, whether at USMA or other undergraduate institutions.

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Point of Contact: Please contact the DFL Personnel Section: COL Zachary Miller, zachary.miller@westpoint.edu, MAJ David Frye, david.frye@westpoint.edu, or MAJ Antonio Mendoza antonio.mendoza@westpoint.edu with any questions or concerns regarding the faculty application process.

Please feel free to contact us at the addresses below regarding your language of interest:

Arabic – dfl.arabic@westpoint.edu 

Chinese –  dfl.chinese@westpoint.edu

French –  dfl.french@westpoint.edu

German –  dfl.german@westpoint.edu

Persian –  dfl.persian@westpoint.edu

Portuguese –  dfl.portuguese@westpoint.edu

Russian –  dfl.russian@westpoint.edu

Spanish –  dfl.spanish@westpoint.edu

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The mission of the Department of Foreign Languages is to develop, through education in the languages, cultures, and regions of the world, commissioned leaders of character so that each can thrive in complex international security environments and is prepared to serve around the globe throughout a career of service to the nation. 

Other Opportunities

It takes a team to ensure the U.S. Military Academy at West Point can fulfill its mission to educate, train, and inspire the Corps of Cadets.  There are roles for military and civilian faculty to teach cadets and for those both in and out of uniform to ensure the systems and processes required to operate a military installation and college campus are in place and running efficiently.