History Prospective Rotating Military Faculty

History Prospective Rotating Military Faculty

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Thank you for your interest in joining the Department of History’s faculty!

Applicants in need of an MA

If you are a military officer seeking a rotating faculty position within the Department of History, use the link for TEACH (https://teach.westpoint.edu/) to initiate your application and begin the process of joining our team. It is important that you email histpersonnel@westpoint.edu to ensure that we are tracking your interest.

We normally select officers for our program to begin graduate school between the sixth and eighth year of service. For example, in December of 2023, we completed selection of officers who will begin graduate school in the summer and fall of 2025 and report to West Point in the summer of 2027. Officer attendance to graduate school is paid for by the Army through the Advanced Civil Schooling program (ACS). We are currently building and screening files of officers in YGs 2018-2020 for our December 2024 selection board which will send officers to graduate school in 2026 and assignment to West Point in 2028.

The major consideration in the timeline is the requirement to meet the Key Development (KD) requirements for your branch (CCC and KD assignment) prior to beginning graduate school. For instance, to be considered in the December 2024 selection board, you must be KD by the summer of 2026. We desire officers who can attend graduate school for two years, teach at West Point for three years, and then return to their basic branch or functional area as a Major. This enables the officers to remain competitive for battalion command. The personnel team (histpersonnel@westpoint.edu) will provide you with an execution checklist to help you prepare a file for this December's board.

What would I be teaching?

If you are selected, you will be slotted into one of the Department’s three divisions: American History, International History, of Military History. All instructors are expected to be able to teach the core history course for their division: History of the United States for the American History Division; History of Western Civilization for the International History Division; and History of the Military Art for Military History Division. You may also be asked to teach an elective to history majors that correspond to topics you studied in graduate school. Additionally, you may have the opportunity to advise senior history majors in the completion of their senior theses.

What are some opportunities to advance in my career?

The Department of History's Research Centers offer a robust selection of research, scholarship, collaboration, and professional development opportunities to help our faculty remain at the forefront of their disciplines.

Application packets are due by 1 November

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Rotating military faculty consists of of active-duty captains, majors, and lieutenant colonels. An assignment to West Point as a rotating faculty member requires officers to submit an application through the CAC-enabled TEACH system

Department-Specific Questions and Requirements

The Army would pay for graduate school through the ACS program.

The entire experience is four to five years. It starts after you become KD as a captain. You spend two years in graduate school and then two to three years teaching at West Point. 

Officers who attend graduate school under the ACS program incur an Active Duty Service Obligation (ADSO) of three days for every one day in graduate school. Most officers spend two years in graduate school and incur a six year ADSO. The good news is that your two to three year teaching assignment at USMA counts towards that ADSO. 

Once you are slotted into one of the Department’s three divisions, you will work with personnel in that division. Based on the needs of the division and your academic interests, they will advise you on schools to apply to. Once you are accepted to schools that you have applied to, the head of the Division and the Department Head will make a final determination on which school you will attend, based on the schools that have offered you a letter of acceptance. 

This period is needed for us to get HRC approval for officers to attend graduate school (approximately 6 months), and then to give officers time to apply to graduate school (most schools have application deadlines of November or December of the year prior to beginning grad school).

In any given year, we have approximately 60 applicants for approximately 10 slots.

Go ahead and start the application process. We can’t communication with you if you don’t have a file with us. Turn in everything needed for your packet. It is much easier for you to tell us in November/December that you will not be competing in the January board than it is to scramble at the last minute to put together an application packet. 

Our department seeks to hire officers who can educate, train, and inspire the next generation of Army officers. We do not care where you complete your KD assignment. We care more that you do awesome things in that assignment. 

Due to deployments, we can make accommodations. If you have a strong file both militarily and academically (i.e. you had a high undergrad GPA), we will give you consideration in the January board. If selected to be an instructor, your selection would be contingent on you scoring well enough on the GRE after deployment to get you into a quality grad school program.

The Department of History takes great care to recognize that when we hire officers we are often hiring families as well. We pay particular attention to ensuring that MACP families are able to serve together at the Academy. This can range from being in the department together to working at a local ROTC detachment nearby. 

Yes you can. If selected, the Army will simply change you over to the ACS program.

As long as you graduate with an MA in history, you can apply to be a history instructor. If this is the case you should go to the section on officers who already hold an MA and follow the instructions there on preparing a direct hire packet.

Stay in contact with the Department and work with the Department to determine which schools you should apply to and what courses of study you should focus on. 

We do allow faculty with related degrees to apply for direct hire positions, however advanced History degrees are strongly preferred. Applicants without an advanced History degree should take care to explain how their degree can best serve the field of History in their application.

Yes you can! We value the experience of officers from all commissioning sources and think that having ROTC and OCS officers is a part of providing West Point Cadets with a quality military education. 

Yes you can! We have a number of officers teaching in the Department who majored in something other than History as an undergrad.

The boards are held in January, and we notify candidates by the end of February. 

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You can send correspondence to:
United States Military Academy
Official Mail Distribution Center
646 Swift Road
West Point, NY 10996
ATTN: MADN-HIST (Personnel Officer)

You can also reach LTC Paul Belmont by phone at (845) 938-0676.

We appreciate your interest in teaching in the Department. Stay in touch!

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The mission of the Department of History is to impart to cadets the historical knowledge, appreciation of history, and critical thinking and communication skills necessary to be successful leaders, able to understand human behavior, ideas, and actions in a global context.

Other Opportunities

It takes a team to ensure the U.S. Military Academy at West Point can fulfill its mission to educate, train, and inspire the Corps of Cadets.  There are roles for military and civilian faculty to teach cadets and for those both in and out of uniform to ensure the systems and processes required to operate a military installation and college campus are in place and running efficiently.