Mathematics Prospective Faculty

Mathematics Prospective Faculty

The Department of Mathematical Sciences is committed to maintaining a top undergraduate mathematics faculty. Our unique mission requires that we maintain a faculty that is a blend of military and civilian professionals from all walks of life. We are an equal opportunity employer, and are always actively recruiting qualified minority and women applicants.

Our department seeks individuals of diverse backgrounds to become members of our civilian faculty. Candidates should be committed to excellence in teaching, interested in overseeing undergraduate research, and dedicated to character development.

As a member of our civilian faculty, you are an important part of our department and are involved in every facet of life at the Academy. This includes teaching, scholarship, cadet and faculty development, and service to the department, the Academy, and the profession. We are thoroughly invested in your career development and ensuring your success both at West Point and beyond.  

Interested in joining our civilian faculty? 

Email your CV to COL Kevin Cummiskey.

See USAjobs for current faculty job opportunities.

If you are a military officer seeking a rotating faculty position within the Department of Mathematical Sciences, use the CAC-enabled link for TEACH ( to initiate your application and begin the process of joining our team.

You are highly encouraged to reach out to the military Personnel Officer at the contact info below in order to determine ACS feasibility based on your career timeline.

For PhD ACS, please see the current board letter here

Our military faculty includes both rotating and permanent positions. Our rotating military faculty consists of active-duty captains, majors, and lieutenant colonels. You can apply to join the rotating military faculty through the Advanced Civil Schooling program (Masters or Ph.D.) or through a direct assignment. Our permanent faculty positions are for lieutenant colonels and colonels with their Ph.Ds.

For more information, please contact the military Personnel Officer at or by phone (845) 938-8133 or DSN 312-688-8133.