Assignment Opportunities

Assignment Opportunities

The United States Military Academy offers assignment opportunities for Officer and Enlisted personnel that are unequaled anywhere in the Army. Some officer assignments require an advanced schooling degree which is normally attained by attendance at an approved Advanced Civilian School. Other Officer assignments are direct assignments where such a degree may or may not be required.

Officer Assignment  


Officers interested in an assignment with a particular department or activity at the United States Military Academy may use the points of contact below for information on the requirements for direct assignment positions and/or Advanced Civilian Schooling positions.

Enlisted Assignments


Enlisted personnel interested in an assignment at the United States Military Academy, may contact
Department of Military Instruction NCO positions:
SSG Jason Pinkerton
(845) 938-0064 or DSN 688-0064 

USCC Tactical NCO positions: 
SGM Jerry
(845) 938-7904 or DSN 688-7904

CSM Robert Craven-

Enlisted Strength Manager:
MSG Reynaldo Albizufigueroa- reynaldo.albizufigueroa@westpoint@edu
(845) 938-2331 or DSN 688-2331
For information on applying for TAC NCO or DMI NCO positions click HERE!!! 



The USMA Student Detachment

The Student Detachment is primarily composed of permanent professors on sabbatical or attending Senior Service College, and ELDP officers. Soldiers assigned to this unit are enrolled in an educational program and therefore in the Army's TTHS account. The Deputy AG is the Detachment Commander.

USMA Active Duty Accessions Detachment

Primarily composed of pre-BOLC USMA graduate lieutenants. Most officers in this unit are assigned for six months as Athletic Interns in the Directorate of Intercollegiate Athletics. The HHC Commander is the Detachment Commander.