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The West Point Writing Program


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"I only knew what was in my mind, and I wished to express it clearly, so that there could be no mistaking it."

    - General Ulysses S. Grant (Class of 1843), on crafting
    the terms that helped bring about an end to the Civil War

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Established in 2016, with offices in Jefferson Hall (First Floor), the West Point Writing Program supports Cadets, faculty, and staff as they pursue the study of writing and communication across the curriculum, in every discipline and department, at the United States Military Academy. The overarching goal of the Writing Program is to cultivate institutional awareness of the writing process and effective writing practices, and especially to provide Cadets with continuity and coherence in their education so that all graduates are thoughtful, agile, and clear communicators who are prepared to answer the various demands of their professional environments and succeed as Army officers.