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Welcome to the Cyber Research Center

We are dedicated to researching and teaching information assurance, computer, and network security. The mission of the CRC is to educate and inspire cadets and faculty in the acquisition, use, management, and protection of information through innovative teaching, curriculum development, research, and outreach to Army, DoD, and federal agencies.
February 1, 2014. Meet the West Point Cyber Chair, LTG (R) Rhett Hernandez. As former Commanding General of the United States Army Cyberspace Command (2010-2013), LTG (R) Rhett Hernandez comes to West Point as the Academy's Cyber Chair in support of the Cyber Center's mission to advise and perform outreach and collaboration with a constellation of partners in the cyber community of interest.
The Cyber Chair at West Point motivates, excites and inspires the Corps of Cadets to develop a greater awareness for the cyber domain, exceptional cyber fighting skills, and the right cyber warrior ethos required to achieve dominance in this operational domain.


One of West Point’s oldest research centers was redesignated on Monday, 19 March 2012 as the Cyber Research Center, coinciding with a promotion ceremony for its director, Gregory Conti. In a ceremony led by LTG Rhett Hernandez, Commanding General of U.S. Army Cyber Command/Second Army, Fort Belvoir, VA, Greg Conti was promoted to the rank of Colonel and the Information Technology and Operations Center was redesignated as the Cyber Research Center. LTG Hernandez called Conti “the ultimate cyber warrior” for possessing the four words that title encompasses—elite, trusted, precise and disciplined. “I don’t use those words lightly; our nation will require cyber warriors like Greg. He’s a quiet and competent professional who doesn’t look for credit but looks to solve our toughest problems.”

BG Tim Trainor, Dean of the Academic Board, LTG Rhett Hernandez, COL Greg Conti and COL Barry Shoop officially opened the new Cyber Research Center in Thayer Hall immediately prior the promotion ceremony. The Cyber Research Center traces its lineage back to 1985 when the Artificial Intelligence Center was established at West Point, in large part through the vision and support of GEN Max Thurman. This original research center was intended to investigate how artificial intelligence would benefit the Army. The Cyber Research Center now focuses on cyber warfare, cyber security education, security data visualization, secure and usable interface design and online privacy.

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