The Directorate of Cadet Activities

The Directorate of Cadet Activities

All for the Corps!

The Directorate of Cadet Activities (DCA) is the primary adviser to the Commandant on all matters pertaining to the extracurricular and social activities of the Corps of Cadets. DCA provides and supports comprehensive and diverse extracurricular, social, cultural, and recreational programs and services that enhance the leader development of the Corps of Cadets.  

DCA oversees the operation of a host of auxiliary services that financially support cadet activities, such as the Academy Store, Eisenhower Hall Theatre shows and various auxiliary food service facilities throughout the campus.

100% of the proceeds from the following services, provided by the Directorate of Cadet Activities, go towards the funding, organizing, and hosting of the Corps of Cadets events and activities.

The Academy Store

The Academy Store (formerly the Cadet Store and Bookstore) offers quality products tailored to cadets’ everyday needs in a convenient, central location at Thayer Hall. Products include school supplies, military inspection supplies, rank and replacement issue items, field training supplies, health and beauty items, books, snacks, and beverages. The Academy Store also offers West Point apparel, gifts, and specialty gift items including sabers, frames, and cadet busts. Guests of cadets are welcome.


The Corps of Cadets have available to them DCA auxiliary foodservice operations, such as Grant Hall, the First-Class Club, and the Library Coffee Café. 

Grant Hall, a central social venue at West Point for over a century, offers casual dining and a relaxed ambiance for West Point cadets taking a break from the mess hall. Grant Hall offers quality choices including pizza, burritos, sandwiches, soups, coffee, and more. 

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Wednesday: 0700-2100
Thursday: 0700-1330
Friday: 0700-2100
Saturday-Sunday: 1100-2130


Upperclassmen cadets and their guests are welcome for bar service and snacks, live music, and special events. Amenities include a full bar with large-screen televisions, game tables, outdoor seating, and a private conference/event room. 

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday-Friday: 1800-2330
Saturday: 1800 – 0030


Need a pick-me-up while studying or visiting West Point? We proudly brew delicious Starbucks Coffee at our convenient location on the ground floor of Jefferson Library. 

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 0700-1330
Saturday-Sunday: Closed

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Eisenhower Hall 

DCA offers cadets, West Point, and local communities first-class cultural arts and entertainment through the offerings of Eisenhower Hall Theatre, also known as Ike Hall, where the excitement of Broadway plays and musicals are standard fare. Opera, dance, symphony orchestras, comedians, staged spectaculars, country, and rock are all on the menu. 


In order to maximize the use and exposure of West Point, the West Point Club (WPC) has partnered with the Directorate of Cadet Activities (DCA) for catering services. The WPC is West Point's caterer for all non-cadet related events and the entry point for all catering questions. Should the WPC be unable to cater your event due to size restrictions, there is an agreement in place that allows the WPC to refer you to their partner, DCA, located in Eisenhower Hall.

 Ike’s Catering offers services 365 days a year for groups from a few to several thousand.  Located at iconic Eisenhower Hall, Ike’s Catering can serve diverse, delectable meals and snacks both on and off-site.  

Call: 845.938.4456 
Fax: 845.446.5863

A catered event held at the historic West Point Club located on the United States Military Academy will be a treasured and lasting memory. Our professional staff is at your service to provide exceptional support from the moment you arrive, through the entire event, to farewells.


At West Point, cadets have the opportunity to participate in 130 different extracurricular activities - contributing to their development into well rounded leaders of character.

DCA provides club oversight and financial support, affording cadets a wide range of athletic, recreational, academic, religious and diversity leadership opportunities – something for every interest! 

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DCA is responsible for supervising the Cadet Officers of each Class Committee along with the Ring and Crest Committee and the Cadet Brigade Activities Officer. 
In that role, the Directorate organizes and plans traditional Class Weekend activities, including Ring Weekend, Plebe-Parent Weekend, 500th Night Weekend, Yearling Winter Weekend, 100th Night Weekend, and Graduation. DCA also purchases commemorative mementos to help celebrate these special events in the cadets' four-year experience at West Point. 
DCA is also involved in special functions including Crest Unveiling, informal hops, Corps barbeques, and live entertainment, along with social and recreational activities for cadet summer training. 

DCA's Cadet Publications Branch produces the award-winning Howitzer Yearbook and the West Point 'Bugle Notes', known as the first-year student (or plebe) "Book of Knowledge". Bugle Notes are required reading during Cadet Basic Training (CBT).  With significant cadet participation, other publications include a literary magazine, a cadet yearly planner and a West Point calendar. All are available for purchase. 

The Directorate encourages the social development of cadets by maintaining an extensive cultural arts program, offering entertainment and appreciation for diverse forms of art and academic enrichment. The Cadet Social Development Coordinator ("Cadet Hostess") provides each cadet with an understanding of expected social norms and standards for junior officers through individual training and mentorship.  DCA coordinates and assists in preparation of the Corps traditional special events, including class weekends and formal and informal events intended to enhance cadet social and human spirit opportunities, while creating Class cohesion.