Consistent top college rankings

  • #2 Public Colleges and Universities  (Navy #1, Air Force #3)
  • #3 Most Engaged in Community Service  (Navy & Air Force not in top 25)
  • #5 Engineering Program  (Navy #4, Air Force #6)
  • #8 Best College Library  (Navy & Air Force not in top 25)
  • #9 Most Accessible Professors  (Navy & Air Force not in top 25)
  • #10 Best Health Services  (Air Force #9, Navy not in top 25)
  • #12 Best Classroom Experience  (Navy & Air Force not in top 25)
  • #12 Best Science Lab Facilities  (Navy #24, Air Force not in top 25)

(Rankings according to The Princeton Review and US News & World Report)

Unmatched Academic Experience

Graduate School Scholarship Opportunities

  • Rhodes
  • Marshall
  • Schwartzman
  • Fulbright
  • Gates-Cambridge Scholarship
  • Medical School Scholarships
  • Others

Learn more about the scholarships available and how we help our students through the application process:  West Point Scholarship Programs.

Summer Academic Internships

  • Disney
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • S&P Global
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • International Immersion (London, Prague, Costa Rica, and many more)

Popular Military Schools

  • Diving
  • Mountaineering
  • Airborne
  • Air Assault
  • Sapper


The West Point Education


  • Unmatched Leadership Development Program: West Point cadets take hands-on leadership and military classes taught by current military leaders as part of their college course load. This purposeful integration of individual leader development throughout the curriculum as well as numerous leadership development experiences promote and foster a culture of character growth required of the leaders of today and tomorrow.
  • Dedicated Staff and Faculty: Our staff & faculty embrace their responsibility to develop cadets into leaders and carry that duty beyond the classroom. This can be seen in the family sponsorship program, wherein cadets develop enriched relationships in the homes of staff & faculty volunteers for occasions such as shared meals, general mentorship, watching sporting events, doing laundry, or simply relaxing in a safe home environment.  The mentor relationships formed at West Point commonly continue for a lifetime.
  • Fully Funded Education: West Point offers its cadets a fully funded education valued at over $250,000.  This includes tuition, books, room and board, and medical and dental insurance. Cadets also receive a monthly stipend (between $200-$525) to pay for their other school and personal expenses. 
  • Highly Connected Alumni Network: Upon graduation, West Point cadets earn the distinction of becoming members of the Long Gray Line, the most highly connected alumni body in the world.  Their lineage boasts a lifelong sense of pride, network of opportunity, connection, and services unrivaled in modern society.
  • Guaranteed Employment: Every graduate is guaranteed employment with an annual compensation package starting at about $70,000 and increases tied to promotions. This package also includes free healthcare, excellent retirement packages, a non-taxable housing allowance, and 30 days of paid vacation annually.
  • Become a Leader in Your Field: Cadets have the option to be leaders in one of many diverse career fields such as engineering, logistics, finance, human resource management, health care management, aviation, and many more. Army officers can expect to lead a team of 30-35 soldiers in their first career assignment. Army Officer Careers.
  • Prized Leadership Experience: After their time serving in the Army, officers are often considered prime candidates for management roles and executive positions for top companies such as JP Morgan Chase & Co., Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and many more.  Students choose West Point as the proven path to starting a lifelong journey of leadership.

Your Path to Success Starts Here


Thousands of America’s best and brightest high school students apply for admission to West Point each year. To earn an appointment, applicants must have excellent grades, phenomenal critical thinking skills, and the athleticism necessary to meet the demands of our academic, military, and athletic training. They must also possess character beyond reproach; they must have grit; and they must desire the challenge of joining an organization larger than themselves.

If you are a high school senior or second semester junior and are ready for the challenge, open a Candidate Questionnaire to see if West Point is a good fit for you!

If you are a bit younger we can still send you more information or you might be interested in reading more information for high school sophomores.