Office of the Registrar

The Registrar is responsible for managing official student record information and keeping a permanent record of academic progress and grades.  The office is the liaison for official transcripts, major changes, and changes to grades and schedules.

Office of the Registrar

The Registrar is responsible for managing official student record information and keeping a permanent record of academic progress and grades.  The office is the liaison for official transcripts, major changes, and changes to grades and schedules.

Academic Counseling

The Academic Affairs and Registrar Services (AARS), Office of the Dean, coordinates the faculty-based academic counseling programs available to each cadet. 

Within the Counseling Branch there are counselors available during normal working hours on a walk-in basis located in the registrar’s office, Taylor Hall. They can discuss elective choices, schedules, course changes, and overloads and can affect any changes in a cadet's program. 

One volunteer faculty member serves as a Company Academic Counselor (CAC) for each company and can help cadets on most academic matters or make referrals to the proper authority in the Dean's Office or academic departments. In addition, the CAC's have formal academic counseling responsibility for all cadets in each company who have not yet selected a major. 

Upon selection of a major, cadets are assigned to the Department Academic Counselors (DAC) of the appropriate academic department. 

Finally, within the cadet chain of command there are a Cadet Company Academic Officer and an Academic Sergeant who can advise on the grading system, company tutors, additional instruction, and other matters.

Cadets can look up their assigned CAC and/or DAC by logging on to the Cadet Information System (CIS) and clicking on the Academic tab.

Request a Transcript

Anyone from the class years 2010-present looking for transcripts for your OMPF, USMA has already uploaded a copy of your transcript that can be viewed in iPERMS and used for promotion boards.  Note: CAC login is now required for access to iPERMS.

Other Record Requests

Letter of Attendance: If you require a Letter of Attendance to verify your previous enrollment at USMA, please download and complete the Record Request Form (PDF) here. We require either a handwritten signature or a digital signature using a DoD CAC. Once complete, please email to

Available Records Except For Medical Records: All requests for available records, except for Medical Records, must be submitted to the Freedom of Information Act Office (FOIA). Download a FOIA example template here. Please contact the FOIA office directly for further information at

Medical Records: All requests for Medical Records should go to Keller Army Community Hospital: Out-Patient Records. The address is 900 Washington Road, West Point, NY 10996. They can be contacted at 845-938-4727 for further information.


Validation & Advanced Placement

The comprehensive Validation and Advanced Placement policy outlines the process by which cadets may validate certain courses based on their academic history and Advanced Placement (AP) test scores.

Privacy of Student Records

(extracted from the USMA Privacy Policy):

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA): 

Since the US Military Academy (USMA) is part of the Department of Defense, FERPA is not the applicable privacy statute that USMA follows.

USMA instead follows the Privacy Act of 1974, 5U.S.C.552a as amended, for protecting students' and other protected forms of information. 

The Dean's Policy and Operating Memorandum #2-8 Academic Administration is the policy that guides cadet academic privacy procedures. In brief, USMA does not release grades and other academic information to parents and guardians without cadet consent.

Cadets can provide consent by selecting this option in the West Point Academic Management System.

In effect, cadets/graduates control the release of their own information from their records. USMA requires individuals to submit written (e.g., letter, fax, email) release authorization before USMA will send information to organizations outside the Department of Defense. Such signed requests are authorization by the individual to release theri information as they requested.

USMA collects, stores, and processes personally identifiable information (PII) about cadets in its System of Records call the Academy Management System (AMS) (see also the System of Records Notice for routine uses). PII is information that distinguishes or traces and individual's identity (see also NIST's definition of PII).

USMA also abides by Army Regulation 25-22 The Army Privacy Program for marking and encrypting (see also paragraph 1-9), the control of PII as well as the reporting of any breach (see also paragraph 9-1) of PII.

USMA's users protect email and other forms of collaboration containing PII in the body of the communications or in attachments. USMA's users have the affirmative duty to ensure recipients of other's PII have an official need-to-know. Users will mark communications and materials containing PII in accordance with the DoD Manual 5200.0 Vol4 DoD Information Security Program: Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and AR 25-55 Para 1-9.a.7.b.

For example, add CUI//PII to the beginning of an email message along with appropriate language such as the following, "This document contains Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)/Personally Identifiable Information protected under the Privacy Act of 1974 and Army Regulation (AR) 25-22, The Army Privacy Program. Do not further disseminate this information without the permission of the sender."

USMA provides encryption protection with the email domain automatically when the data is in transit and at rest within user's email storage in the Office 365 cloud.

USMA users may use the Microsoft Office Mail Encryption (OME) to send encrypted email to recipients that do not have a public key with which to encrypt the email contents.

USMA users may also use the DoD CAC encryption capabilities to send encrypted email to recipients with DoD public keys (see also to find DoD users' public keys).

Other individuals, including non-DoD investigators or those conducting background checks for employment, may order a transcript on behalf of a cadet, former cadet or graduate, but must provide a signed release, signed within the last six months, from the individual in question. The requestor must present this signed release to the Registrar prior to release of the information.

Public requests for degree or attendance verification may be honored, but will include no more than VERIFIED name, dates of attendance, degree earned, date of graduation, and area of concentration and specific major or minor or both (dual major).

The point of contact for cadet academic record requests is the USMA Registrar's office at 845-938-2050.

The point of contact for privacy issues or concerns at USMA is at

Additional Questions

Please review the Registrar FAQs for answers to commonly asked questions. Any additional questions should be referred to the Office of the Registrar at 845-938-2050.

Cadet Information

Cadets may access information regarding their academic progress, including current grades and eight-term academic programs (8TAPs), on the password-protected Cadet Information System (CIS).  

Privacy Information

The Privacy Act of 1974 forbids the release of personal information on an individual without his written consent, except under certain specified conditions. In effect, you control the release of information for your records; therefore, you will be required to submit some form of written release before information will be sent to organizations outside the Department of Defense.