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Religious Worship Service Schedule
Academic Year 2019-2020


Assembly of God   Sun 1000 134 Old State Rd, Highland Falls  
Church of Christ   Sun 1030 Cadet Interfaith Center, Bldg 147 LTC Reeves/938-2817
Church of Christ Bible Study Tue 1915 Cadet Interfaith Center, Bldg 147 LTC Reeves/938-2817
Eastern Orthodox   Sun 0900 St. Martin's Chapel (Cadet Chapel) Fr. Frawley/201-342-7052
Episcopal   Sun 1000 Holy Innocents, Highland Falls Rev Ferguson/446-2197
Gospel   Sun 1230 Community Post Chapel 938-3874
Jewish Service   Fri 1900 Jewish Chapel CH (CPT) Rudderman/938-2710
Latter Day Saints Sacrament Sun 1000 Thayer Hall, 144 LTC Scott Woodbrey
Latter Day Saints Sunday School Sun 1120 Thayer Hall, 444/442 LTC Scott Woodbrey
Latter Day Saints Priesthood/RS Sun 1210 Thayer Hall, 444 LTC Scott Woodbrey
Lutheran   Sun 1030 Old Cadet Chapel COL(R) Colacicco/938-2003
Muslim   Fri 1200-1345 Cadet Interfaith Center, Bldg 147 938-5591
Protestant   Sun 1030 Cadet Chapel CH(LTC) Carrothers/938-3412
Protestant Children's Church Sun 1030 Cadet Chapel Basement 938-2959
Protestant Cadet Lunch Study (cadets only) Fri 1200 USCC Ch's Conf Rm, C-wing CH(LTC) Carrothers/938-3412
Protestant   Sun 1030 Community Post Chapel CH(MAJ) Westen/938-3875
Protestant Children's Church Sun 1100 Post Chapel Fellowship Hal Cynthia Cline/ 938-2959
Protestant Nursery Sun 1030 Post Chapel Nursery CH(MAJ) Wester/938-3875
Protestant Sunday School Sun 0900-1000 West Point Elementary School 938-2959
Protestant Sunday Night Service (SNS) Sun 1700-1900 Cadet Chapel
*Catered Dinner Included*
CH(MAJ) Coen-Preaching Chaplain/938-7986
CH(MAJ) Alley-Exceutive Chaplain
Roman Catholic Schedule     Most Holy Trinity CH(MAJ) Magnuson / 938-8760