The West Point Speakers Bureau

The West Point Speakers Bureau includes West Point staff and faculty members who volunteer to speak to groups throughout the Hudson Valley and the tri-state area. These speakers support a variety of events for community, government and private organizations.

Members of the West Point Speakers Bureau are well versed on many West Point topics. Common themes for speakers are leadership, cadet life, history of West Point, cadet honor code, West Point athletics and West Point academics as well as general patriotic themes.

To request a West Point speaker to participate in an event, fill out a request for support form (DA Form 2536) and e-mail it to, or fax it to (845) 938-7140 as far in advance as possible, ideally 30 days. Requests are approved based upon a number of criteria to include the availability of speakers.

There is no fee for a speaker; however, the requesting organization is responsible for the speaker's travel expenses. This includes meals and lodging, when appropriate.