Memorial Services Frequently Asked Questions


How can I contact the cemetery?
To contact the cemetery office by telephone, please call (845) 938-2504, send a fax to (845) 938-5232 or email  The cemetery is staffed Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM excluding Federal holidays.  

Where is your office?
We are located at 329 Washington Road, West Point NY 10996 inside the Memorial Affairs Building. (note: GPS Coordinates are W 73 degrees 57.968 minutes; N 41 degrees 23.8954 minutes.)

How do I schedule a funeral service?
Upon the passing of the graduate or their dependent, contact the cemetery to establish a case. You can then email or fax the graduate's DD214 (Military Discharge Form).  This is done only at the "time of need"; we regret that we are unable to store these documents for those who are "pre-planning". It is important that your family knows where to find your DD214. If you cannot locate the DD214, you may request a copy at any time from the National Archives and Records Administration.  
In addition to the DD214, a death certificate and cremation certificate or burial transit permit is required. Services will not be scheduled until all required documents are received.
Cemetery staff will arrange for a chapel or graveside service as desired with chaplain support as well as military honors.

When can I schedule a funeral service?
Services are conducted at either 10:00 AM or 1:30 PM Monday through Friday, excluding Federal holidays and subject to date availability.

What burial services are offered?
Currently, we offer in-ground burial of casketed or cremated remains (this requires eligibility review based on the current cemetery eligibility policy), inurnment of cremated remains in the Old Cadet Chapel Columbarium, and inurnment of cremated remains in the outdoor Columbarium Wall. 

  • The Old Cadet Chapel Columbarium requires a specialized urn that must be purchased from Armento Liturgical Arts.  They can be reached at (716) 875-2423.
  • The outdoor Columbarium Wall has niches that measure 10.5" x 10.5" x10.5" and will hold two (2) sets of cremated remains.  The Armento urn mentioned above is an appropriate size for the niche, as is the standard plastic box from the crematory. ​Please provide the cemetery with the dimensions of the urn in advance of the service date.  We reserve the right to repackage the cremated remains when necessary.
  • Families will be required to attest that the urn contains 100 percent of the decedent's remains from the crematory.

When can I visit the cemetery grounds?
You may visit the cemetery grounds from sunrise to sunset seven days a week. The Old Cadet Chapel Columbarium is open for visitation from 9:00 am to 4:30pm daily.

How can I find the location of a grave?
There is a grave locator located at the information kiosk in the rear of the cemetery office, at the rear of the Old Cadet Chapel, and in the Old Cadet Chapel Columbarium. You can also call the office at (845) 938-2504.

What activities are prohibited?
Jogging, picnicking, bicycling, dog walking, scattering of cremated remains and vandalism of monuments is prohibited.  If you notice any of these activities, please notify the USMA Military Police at (845) 938-3333 or this office at (845) 938-2504. Please dispose of trash in the designated receptacles.
Please remember that the cemetery is hallowed ground deserving of the utmost respect.