Chemistry and Life Science her image depicting molecular structures that are common between chemistry, life science, and chemical engineering.

Chemistry & Life Science

Chemistry & Life Science

"Science and Engineering for Leaders"

The Department of Chemistry and Life Science is one of thirty five academic departments at the United States Military Academy at West Point.   The department oversees the Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Life Science majors and conducts cutting edge research in collaboration with civilian academic and Department of Defense organizations.  

Our faculty is a blend of excellence between both civilian and military members that bring a wide array of experiences and expertise into the laboratory and classroom.  The Bartlett Hall Science Center offers world class laboratories and instrumentation to enable our cadets, faculty, and collaborators to tackle the challenges of the current and future Warfighter.

The mission of the Department of Chemistry and Life Science is to educate cadets with a firm foundation in the fields of chemistry, life science, and chemical engineering, so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character who can leverage their understanding of science to implement solutions using appropriate problem-solving skills; and to inspire cadets to a career in the United States Army and a lifetime of personal growth and service to the nation. 

The cadets we teach ultimately go on to serve our Army and nation – our graduates are our product.  We contribute to cadets’ scientific literacy and our future officers’ ability to critically think and solve problems in an increasingly complex and technologically integrated world.  Our foundational general chemistry and biology courses support not only our department’s three majors of chemistry, chemical engineering, and life science, but also numerous math, science, and engineering majors throughout the academy. 


CLS in the News

Despite the current challenging environment, the Department of Chemistry and Life Science continues to conduct research and publish papers.  Recently, multiple outside sources highlighted research by members of the Department.  A recent publication by members of the Multi-Functional Materials Laboratory (MFML) in Matter, focused on the development of a new nanomaterial material capable of combating both thermal and ballistic threats.  Additionally, in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, members of the Department published a study on the threat of bioengineered agents in the CTC Sentinel.  Congratulations to all involved!  Our cadets, staff, and faculty continue to impress with their dedication to education and research.  GO ARMY!

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Burrow, Leah.  "Multifunctional nanofiber protects against extreme temperatures and fast-moving projectiles:  Material could protect soldiers, firefighters, astronauts and more."  Harvard press release, 29 July 2020. 

Lawrence, J.P.  "Military experience inspires Harvard professor's nanofiber body armor research."  Stars and Stripes, 4 July 2020.

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Cadets have numerous opportunities to participate in activities that will expand their intellectual and social interests within their field.  Below are links that provide further information about these options.

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