Civil and Mechanical Engineering Staff and Faculty

Mr. Chong Ahn

Engineering Technician

Dr. Ozer Arnas

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Brock Barry

Director Mechanics Group, Professor

​LTC Andy Bellocchio

​Assistant Professor , Thermal-Fluids Thread Leader

​COL Michael Benson

Director ME Division, Academy Professor/Professor of Mechanical Engineering

​LTC Jamie Bluman

​​Director: Center for Innovation and Engineering, Assistant Professor

​MAJ Briana Fisk

Executive Officer, Instructor

​Dr. Gregory Freisinger

​Assistant Professor / Dynamics Thread Leader

​LTG(R) William Grisoli

Class of '53 Chair Assistant Professor

​COL Joseph Hanus

Director CE Program, Academy Professor

COL Aaron Hill

​Director Design Group, Assistant Professor

​Dr. Ledlie Klosky

​Professor of Civil Engineering

LTC Brad McCoy

Deputy Director, CIE, Assistant Professor

​COL Richard Melnyk

Director, Academic Flight Program, Academy Professor / Associate Professor

COL Karl F. Meyer

Department Head / Professor of Civil Engineering

LTC Seth Norberg

Assistant Professor

​​LTC Brian Novoselich

Engineering Assistant Professor Design Thread Leader

​LTC Margaret Nowicki

​Academy Professor / Assistant Professor Mechanics and Materials Thread Leader

​LTC Brent Odom

Assistant Professor / Lab Supervisor

​Mrs. Tiffany Pettis

​Administrative Support Center for Innovation and Engineering

Dr. (LTC) Mathew Posner

Assistant Professor, Chief of Orthopedics

​Mr. Corey Smith

Laboratory Technician Supervisor

Dr. Gunnar Tamm

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Abraham Tchako

Assistant Professor

​COL Bret VanPoppel

Operational Experience/Associate Professor

​COL Brad Wambeke

Director CE Division , Academy Professor

Dr. Rebecca Zifchock

Director, ME Program, Associate Professor