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What Can I Expect from studying Arabic at West Point? 

As an Arabic or Foreign Area Studies major, you will develop your linguistic interest and aptitude by broadening and deepening your mastery of one of civilization’s great cultures. The Middle East is the cradle of civilization, the birthplace of the world’s three great monotheistic religions, and stands at the center of both the global economy and many of the key strategic military and political alliances of the United States.

Our curriculum can accommodate learners of all skill levels. At West Point, we teach both Modern Standard Arabic (Fusha) and the Levantine (Shami) dialect simultaneously. This proficiency will give you the skills you need to succeed both as a consumer and practitioner of the language. Finally, you will be given multiple opportunities to travel abroad, either through Summer Immersion or a full semester abroad.

Majors: Arabic, Arabic with Honors, Middle East Foreign Area Studies, Dual Language

Minors: Middle East Regional Studies

Interact with Arabic at West Point!

Maximize your Arabic experience competing as a delegate in the Model Arab League against other universities, or explore Arab language and culture through films, cuisine, or trip sections in the Arabic Forum. 

The Arabic Forum is a platform to learn about the language, people, culture, and religions of the Middle East. Events include Arabic films, conversation table, and trips to restaurants and cultural centers.

Cadet abroad in Oman posing with a host nation classmate.
Cadets in traditional dress in Morocco.

Immersion opportunities:

Semester Abroad Program (SAP): Four months of study in Morocco or Oman.

Academic Individual Advanced Development (AIAD): 3 weeks of study in Morocco or Oman.  Each trip is worth 3 credit hours. Past trips have included Jordan, Oman and Morocco. A unique opportunity to experience Arabic culture firsthand!