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What Can I Expect as a Chinese Major?

As a Chinese language major you will follow a track of courses designed to develop your Chinese language proficiency and cultural understanding. These courses will focus on language, culture and Chinese life. You may also have the opportunity for academic travel to Chinese-speaking areas such as Taiwan, Singapore or China.

Our program is designed to develop those just starting to study Chinese and those with previous experience. Class material will focus on functional language. At the advanced level, Cadets will focus on real-world news and documents. Majors who do abroad and work hard through the full complement of courses can expect an IRL 2/2 (Limited working proficiency), on the way to 3/3 (Professional working proficiency.)

Majors: Chinese, Chinese with Honors, East Asia Foreign Area Studies, Dual Language (Chinese and a second language of your choice)

Minors: East Asia Regional Studies


Interact with Chinese at West Point!

Maximize your Chinese experience by exploring Chinese language and culture through films, cuisine, or trip sections in the Chinese Forum – see your DFL Chinese team for more info!​

West Point cadets with Taiwanese counterparts while abroad in Taiwan.
Chinese majors with West Point old grads.

Immersion Opportunities:

Semester Abroad Program (SAP): Five months of study in Taiwan, at either Fu Jen University or National Tsinghua University. 

Academic Individual Advanced Development (AIAD): Three weeks of study in Taiwan. AIAD is worth 3 credit hours and will expand and challenge your Chinese language abilities. 

Military Individual Academic Development (MIAD): Travel to Taiwan and attend the Taiwanese version of Airborne School.