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"COL Oxendine leading cadets through geospatial imagery and concept orientation"

The next board will choose officers to start graduate school in August 2022

TEACH - West Point Click here!


If you are a military officer seeking a rotating faculty position within GENE, use the link for TEACH ( to initiate your application and begin the process of joining our team.

This takes you to a common application used by all departments at West Point, with additional application requirements for the departments in which you express interest.   This online application system is CAC-enabled and does not require a username and password.   Some of the commonly asked questions are answered in our FAQs  (which we strongly encourage you to read as they will answer most questions in detail).


Thank you for your interest in joining the faculty of the Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering (GENE)!

Our department has three different academic programs in which officers can serve:

Please take a look at the GENE website or the individually linked pages above which will provide the backgrounds on our different programs.

The officers who are in our primary zone for selection to attend graduate school (i.e. Advanced Civil Schooling) are mid-grade captains. If you are outside of our targeted year groups of YG14 to YG16 and your career timeline allows for 4 to 5 years away from the operational Army without incurring any risk to promotion, you may apply and inform the selection board of your unique timeline/career path via TEACH.

We occasionally select officers to obtain doctorate degrees and serve as senior rotating instructors.  These officers are typically majors or lieutenant colonels who have completed their key developmental assignments.  At times, our department also has positions available for direct hire candidates who already possess an appropriate advanced degree (We call this a "Direct Hire;" please see the FAQs  for more information on this process). Availability of these positions varies from year to year. DH application should also be submitted through the TEACH system at least one year in advance.  This allows us to be aware of your interest and background in the event that a position becomes available.  If you are seeking civilian (non-military) or Academy Professor (FA47) positions, please email the POC listed below to inquire about any potential searches or positions.

If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact the POC listed below. In the meantime, you may visit the department’s Facebook page  to get an idea of the daily life and special activities in GENE.




LTC Elizabeth Weaver
Department Personnel Officer
845.938.3531 (office)


Department Mailing Address:

United States Military Academy
Dept. of Geography & Env. Engr.
ATTN: Personnel Officer
745 Brewerton Rd. Room 6007
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