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Department of Geography & Environmental Engineering

Prospective Faculty


The next board will choose officers to start graduate school in August 2021

We receive many calls from officers in the field asking about the "requirements to start a file and be considered for an assignment to the department as an instructor." To facilitate this process, I have included a checklist of items that must go into your final packet. As officers continue with their careers, they can periodically upload updated information to their online files. If you have any further questions, please contact me directly.
We use an online application and selection system called WEST. You can upload all of your documents directly into your online file. The first step is to fill out an interest form.

Want to apply? Click here to fill out the USMA Interest Form!

Update your WEST file? Click here!

Forgot your WEST password? Click here!

A completed file includes...
  • GRE Scores (taken within 5 years of your anticipated graduate school start date)
  • Current ORB
  • Letter of Intent (see FAQs for more on this), to include your program(s) of interest 
  • Official copies of transcript(s) from all post high school institutions attended
  • All OERs and AERs
  • APFT card
  • DA Photo
  • NEW!!! 3 personal references (with current contact information)
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LTC Landon Raby

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