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The Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering (GEnE) is built around a core of world-class credentialed faculty and trained staff who educate, develop, and inspire Cadets to think globally and geospatially who are capable of applying their understanding of human-environment interactions to develop culturally appropriate, and sustainable solutions.

The Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering's Research Centers for Academic Excellence offer a robust selection of research, scholarship, collaboration, and professional development opportunities to help our faculty remain at the forefront of their disciplines.  The Department continually seeks talented civilian and military faculty who are experts in the disciplines that comprise our majors and minor -- environmental engineering, environmental science, geography, and geospatial information science -- and are committed to enhancing the education and development of Cadets.

Why GEnE? What Can We Offer You?

Rotating military faculty positions are for military officers to teach at West Point for three years before returning to their basic branch or functional area.  These officers will attend graduate school through the Advanced Civil Schooling process for two to three years before returning to teach.  The entire tour as a rotating instructor is typically five years.  Additional information is available in the Frequently Asked Questions.

  • We typically seek mid-grade captains, or those military officers currently in their 5th, 6th, or 7th years of service, to earn master's degrees and serve as junior rotating military faculty.
  • We occasionally select key developmental assignment-complete majors or lieutenant colonels to earn doctoral degrees and serve as senior rotating instructors.
  • At times, we may have positions available for direct hire candidates who already possess an appropriate advanced degree.  Availability of these positions varies.
  • Application packets for interested military officers are generally due by 1 November of any given year.

Officers interested in serving as a rotating military faculty member should contact the department personnel officer, as well as indicate their interest by initiating their application in TEACH.

Civilian (non-military) faculty provide an essential element of faculty excellence and diversity.  Our faculty members exemplify dedicated civilian service to the Nation and exceptionally high professional and personal standards within the community of educators and scholars.  Civilian faculty positions are hired at the instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, and full professor levels.  Additional opportunities exist for postdoctoral, fellowship, and visiting professor positions.  Salaries are highly competitive with other top four-year undergraduate institutions. 

Academy Professors (FA47) are permanent faculty positions in which the military officer must earn a doctoral degree and then transition to become a Functional Area 47 (FA47) military officer for the remainder of their career.  The hiring process is handled by an external committee.

Please email the department personnel officer to inquire about any potential searches or positions for both Civilian faculty and Academy Professors.  

  • Civilian faculty positions are typically posted via social media, discipline-specific publications, and on USAJOBS.  
  • Academy Professor positions are typically distributed to officers who meet minimum qualifications, and can also be found on West Point's Strength Management page.

Staff positions support the U.S. Military Academy's and West Point Garrison's operations.  Staff members are world-class professionals in their fields, which include administration, computer and network services, supply and logistics, and other support areas.  Support staff at West Point are career professional Government Service employees serving under the provisions of Title 5 U.S. Code in grades GS-5 through GS-14. 

Applicants must comply with U.S. Government Office of Personnel Management (OPM) procedures; the Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering cannot accept applications directly.

Vacancy announcements appear on USAJOBS.

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