Applied Statistics Minor

Statistics is a discipline within the Mathematical Sciences that involves collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data. Applied Statistics is particularly concerned with describing sample data and using it to draw inferences about the underlying population. Modern computing has dramatically increased the power and use of statistical techniques. Data based research is now the norm in almost every discipline to include those in the humanities. Further, data is regularly used and analyzed for military operations. As a result, many exciting opportunities currently exist for officers to pursue an education in Statistics at the graduate level, and to apply the skills they acquire in such a program during their military service.

Applied Statistics at USMA focuses on establishing a solid foundation of probability and statistics. Cadets are required to understand and apply statistical methods to real data in one or more disciplines.

Applied statistics is among the most inherently interdisciplinary programs in academics. As such, Cadets are given the opportunity to learn and apply statistical techniques to real world problems and in a number of disciplines. The applied statistics minor is the fifth minor offered at USMA and is a truly interdisciplinary statistics minor.

All cadets must complete or validate both a core set of mathematics courses, which provides basic analytical knowledge and skills necessary for completing follow-on core courses, as well as a core set of statistics courses that serve as a unifying experience. Beyond these courses, the cadet selects from a set of offerings in multiple academic departments at USMA.

A statistics minor will be of interest to the student who finds analyzing data and solving real-world problems challenging, interesting, and satisfying. As most disciplines are more and more impacted by the use of data, the minor is also an opportunity to tie into the cutting edge research in the major and prepare for future work in their field at the graduate level, where statistics is increasingly a requirement in many programs. 

Program of Study

The Applied Statistics minor involves taking 5 courses beyond the cadets major (without any double counting). Cadets can meet with their own academic counselor and one of the counselors in the Department of Mathematical Sciences to determine the feasibility of adding an applied stats minor. 

Required Courses

Course No. Course Title
Core Courses (1 of 1)
MA476 Mathematical Statistics
Foundation Courses (1 of 2)
MA376 Applied Statistics
SE375 Statistics for Engineers

Elective Courses (Choose 3)

Course No. Course Title
MA371 Linear Algebra
MA488 Special Topics in Mathematics
PH361 Experimental Physics
PH481 Statistical Physics
PL386 Experimental Psychology
PL497 Seminar In Behavioral Science
SE388 Stochastic Models
SE481 Systems Simulation
SS368 Econometrics I
SS469 Econometrics II

Cadets may not double count any courses toward their major and the applied statistics minor. The minor requires five additional courses beyond the major. These courses can include additional choices from departments with research, seminar and colloquia courses that are not listed here. The Math Department’s Department Academic Counselor (DAC) approves these courses and coordinates with the offering department to ensure the content of the course has sufficient applied statistical content to be included in the program. The MA488 Special Topics course offers flexibility for students to pursue additional statistical courses if instructors are available (to include topics such as Sabermetrics, Forecasting, Bayesian Statistics, Logistic Regression and Experimental Design.)