The International Affairs Program

Students majoring in International Affairs (IA) study issues of conflict and cooperation in the international system. This involves examination of domestic influences on state behavior, the foreign relations of states, and characteristics of the international system. Central concerns in IA include power, strategy, war, international cooperation, trade, and economic development. The IA program offers a 14-course major, tailored to your unique interests. Each IA major will take the Advanced Introduction to International Relations course and  3 "toolbox" courses, followed by a choice of 10 courses from a range of tracks and electives.

American Politics (AP) Electives: Mass Media and American Politics; The American Presidency; Politics of Race, Gender, Sexuality; The American State and the Soldier; and more!

Complimentary Support Courses:  Foreign Language; Regional Studies; Law; Strategic Studies; Unites States Foreign Policy; Culture and Philosophy; Research Methods; Economics and Finance.

Capstone Experience:

Six cadets at the Cliffs of Dover on an international trip.
Cadets on an summer internship.

Summer Internships (AIADs)

The IA Program and Department of Social Sciences administer a variety of fully-funded, international and domestic summer enrichment programs, placing students around the world to work with NGOs on community development projects. These cross-cultural experiences enrich students' academic learning and teach them about human security issues.  Past internship locations include: Vietnam, Mongolia, Morocco, Israel, Madagascar, Greece, Nepal, and more.

Academic Minors and Clubs

IA Majors have the opportunity to pursue academic minors in Grand Strategy or Counterterrorism.

IA Majors will also have the opportunity to participate, travel, and compete as a member of numerous clubs within the Social Sciences Department, including: