About the Department of Systems Engineering

The DSE Mission: The West Point Department of Systems Engineering educates, develops, and inspires leaders of character who identify, formulate, and solve complex, engineering, and socio-technical problems for our Army and Nation. We use an interdisciplinary, integrative approach, that applies systems thinking, engineering design, data analysis, mathematical modeling, simulation, decision science, and project management.

DSE was founded in 1989 and has evolved into the Army's Department of Systems Engineering as faculty and cadets investigate and provide solutions on behalf of the Army and DoD. Education from a program within the Department of Systems Engineering (DSE) prepares you for both your military career and a second career. As a graduate, you can expect to acquire skills that commensurate to those which are exhibited not just in the Army, but in any professional field.

While many good colleges have objectives similar to those of the Military Academy, the Academy's mission adds a dimension that makes West Point unique. It is the sole college in the nation whose only responsibility is to prepare every one of its students for professional service as a regular Army officer. The academic program, like the other aspects of the West Point environment, is designed to foster development in leadership, moral courage, and integrity essential to such service.

DSE offers three majors: Systems Engineering, Engineering Management and Systems and Decision Sciences as well as Operations Research that is co-sponsored with the math department. In addition, DSE has a Core Engineering Sequence (CES) which provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about the art and science of decision-making.

Through our courses, you will develop an understanding of how to apply engineering concepts and principles to engineering related projects, management issues, and technoloy-laden organizations. Our programs offer a framework to develop executive-level skills at the undergraduate level.

Department of Systems Engineering

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