West Point Academic Staff

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs,  Rachel Sondheimer, Ph.D. (2000)
Vice Dean of Operations, COL Michael Yankovich , Ph.D. (2807)
Vice Dean of Resources,  COL David Lyle, Ph.D. (3334)

Staff Offices

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Registrar Services: Dr. James Dalton (6287)
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs: Dr. Russ Lachance (5324)
Associate Dean for Academic Research Division: Vacant (contact COL Ray Kimball)
Associate Dean for Curriculum and Assessment: Dr. Rebecca Jones-Kellogg (5034)
Associate Dean for Information and Educational Technology and CIO: COL Ed Teague, Ph.D. (5569)
Associate Dean for International Intellectual Development: Mr. Brent Matthews (0210)
Associate Dean for Policy and Communications: Dr. Katie Daily (6323)
Associate Dean for Strategy and Initiatives: COL Chris Mayer, Ph.D. (6314)
Associate Dean for the Writing Program: Dr. Jason Hoppe (2198)

Assistant Dean for Assessment and Curriculum: Dr. Lynnan Mocek (3895)
Assistant Dean for Operations: Mr. Jeremy Zifchock (3134)
Assistant Dean for Personnel: Ms. Debra Scully (2695)
Assistant Dean for Programs and Resources: Mrs. Elaine Shipman (3122)
Assistant Dean for Facilities: Mr. Steve Scott (5812)

Director, Center for Enhanced Performance: COL Darcy Schnack (4379)
Director, Center for Teaching Excellence: Dr. Mark Evans (6682)
Director, Faculty Learning, Innovation, Collaboration and Research: COL Ray Kimball, Ph.D. (0865)
Director, Human Research Protections Program (POC for IRB): Ms. Karen Peck (7385)

Executive Officer to the Dean: MAJ Nathan Clason (2000)
Executive Assistant to the Dean: Ms. Janine Gizzi (2000)