Chemistry and Life Science Staff and Faculty

Department Heads
Photo of John Burpo

COL F. John Burpo

Head of Department and Professor U.S. Military Academy

Photo of COL Corey James

COL Corey James

Deputy Head and Professor U.S. Military Academy

Staff And Faculty
Dr. Andrew Biaglow

Dr. Andrew Biaglow

Professor of Chemical Engineering

Photo of LTC Sam Cowart

LTC Sam Cowart

Assistant Director, Chemical Engineering Program

LTC Lucas Fallot Photo

LTC Lucas Fallot

Assistant Director, Center for Molecular Science

LTC Victor Jaffett Photo

LTC Victor Jaffett

Assistant Director, Chemistry Program

Photo of Dr. Ryan Limbocker

Dr. Ryan Limbocker

Director, Center for Molecular Science, Assistant Professor

Photo of Dr. Carl Lundell

Dr. Carl Lundell

Laboratory Program Director

Ms. Suela Merdini

Ms. Suela Merdini

Physical Science Technician

Dr. Enoch Nagelli

Dr. Enoch Nagelli

Director, Chemical Engineering Program

COL Chi Nguyen Photo

COL Chi Nguyen

Director, Chemistry Program

Photo of Dr. Kevin O'Donovan

Dr. Kevin J. O'Donovan

Director, Life Science Program, Associate Professor

COL Kit Parker in uniform

COL Kit Parker

Professor of Bioengineering and Applied Physics

Photo of Mr. Glenn Phillips

Mr. Glenn Phillips

Physical Science Technician

Photo of Walter Rittger

Mr. Walter Rittger

Administrative Officer/Executive Officer

Photo of Mr. Manuel Treus

Mr. Manuel Treus

Physical Science Technician