Application Tips


Standards are very high this year due to the overwhelming amount of extremely qualified candidates. You have to do what you can to be competitive.  Good scores may not be enough, here are some tips. Do the best YOU can do. 

  1. It is your responsibility to complete your file not your parents.  Read all instructions carefully. Do not wait months to contact the office to find out what’s wrong with your file or what you think is missing.  Please put your candidate ID number and state you are from on all your correspondence.  
  2. If you are a junior in high school, you may want to consider applying for American Legion Boys/Girls State program for your State.  Go online and enter American Legion Boys State, your state and find out how to apply. Usually one applicant per high school attends.  
  3. On your portal, under the liaison tab, is your USMA liaison member information, contact them for guidance. Also be sure to read all the instructions listed on your portal.  Attention to detail is the military way.
  4. Please read all instructions and fill out your application very thoroughly. Do this before October of your senior year, most application deadlines are in October.  It is a law; you have to have a nomination to be offered admission to USMA.  Send updates to your regional team early.
  5. You also need to apply to ALL Congressional Nominations that apply to you, even if you are eligible for a service connected nomination, you should also apply for all the others.  A Presidential Nomination is not a guarantee for an appointment.  Send cover sheet and requested documents together.  
  6. Put your CORRECT Social Security number on the SAT/ACT exam, DO NOT GUESS.  It will cause problems later in the process.  Have the scores sent to USMA from the College Board.  The code for USMA SAT is 2924 and ACT is 2976.  
  7. We will need the OFFICIAL copy of your scores from the College Board of your SAT/ACT with English/Writing exams.  Send all the tests you take, our database will automatically pick the highest scores from each test.  For the ACT exam you must request each individual test date.  Internet copies and e-mailed scores are not accepted as official.  If you are a junior, it is to your advantage to take the SAT or ACT with English/Writing by the end of your junior year.  Check SAT & ACT website for test dates for April and May or before.  Regardless if you take the SAT or ACT, you have to sign up for the Essay (SAT) or Writing (ACT); it is required for USMA.  That will give you an idea of what you have to work on to be competitive for admission to USMA.  Files will NOT be reviewed without the OFFICIAL scores.  Your files are kept at Admissions so if you don’t send the required paperwork directly to Admissions then we don’t have it in your file.
  8. It is also to your advantage to start practicing the Candidate Fitness Exam - NOW! It’s harder than you think.  You have to do all the events at once.  The only hint I can give you is to throw the basketball and run the mile like your life depends on it. When the rest of your application portal opens in June/July, complete your file as soon as possible. You should have no problem getting it done by the end of October.  Do not wait for deadlines; it will not be to your advantage to wait.  
  9. We also require at least 6 semesters (Junior year final grades, 9th, 10th and 11th) to start, the 7th Semester (mid-year or fall grades of Senior year) by file completion deadline an OFFICIAL (signed by school)  (tell counselor it MUST BE SIGNED) High School transcripts with your OFFICIAL RANK IN CLASS listed.  If your school does not rank, then it must state so on the transcript or we must get a letter/email to that effect from the school. If you went to different schools I will still need the 9th, 10th & 11th grade to make up the 6th semester transcript.
  10. When it is time for your medical physical, bring copies of all your medical documents with you that pertain to broken bones, allergies, skin diseases or anything that may be an issue down the line.  If you have broken a bone, make sure to get a letter from your doctor explaining “that you have returned to full rigorous activities with no limitations”.
  11. Finally, if you decide USMA is not for you, please e-mail us so we may close your file.