Physical Requirements for Admission

Service Academies’ Admissions Requirement Satisfactory completion of the Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA) is one of the requirements for admission to the United States Military, Air Force, Naval, and Merchant Marine academies. The CFA is a test of strength, agility, speed and endurance. It is used to predict a candidate’s aptitude for the physical program at the service academies. The results of this test are very important in the overall assessment of your admissions file, so you should become familiar with the six events in the CFA and practice. 

Candidate Fitness Assessment Instructions

Please click on the link for the CFA instructions:  CFA Instructions

The examination consists of the following events (click each for a demonstration):


Tip:  Take your medical exam as soon as possible. It can take several months to get qualified, if more information is needed. If you haven’t been scheduled by DoDMERB by the fall of your senior year, contact the Admissions Office.

Who Can Administer the Cadet Fitness Assessment?

Physical Education Teachers
Military Academy Liaison Officers (MALOs)
Field Force Representatives
U.S. Military Officers or Non-commissioned Officers (all branches)
Professors of Military Science 
J/ROTC Instructors
*NOTE* Coaches and relatives cannot administer the CFA

Tip:  Prepare for the CFA by practicing the six test areas. Running, general conditioning exercises and competitive sports will also strengthen your abilities.

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