West Point Summer Leaders Experience

Frequently Asked Questions


What summer program does West Point offer for high school students?  

West Point conducts the Summer Leaders Experience (SLE) for high school juniors going into their senior year. It is a fast-paced program of academic classes, military training, physical fitness training and intramural athletics conducted during the first couple of weeks in June each year. West Point cadets serve as squad leaders for all aspects of the week-long seminar. Approximately 1100 high school juniors are selected to attend the seminar each year from an applicant pool of approximately 6000 students.

What is a typical day like during SLE?    
  • 5:45-6:45 AM Physical Training
  • 7:25-7:40 AM Breakfast in the Cadet Mess Hall
  • Remainder of the day: classes, military training, athletics, and social events
  • 11:00 PM Lights out
How do students apply for the Summer Leaders Experience? 

Applicants must be a high school junior (current year), be a US citizen and reach the age of 17 by 1 July during your applying year to West Point.
To apply, complete the West Point Candidate Questionnaire.  After completing the questionnaire, a gray button will appear stating "Send me information!".  If you are interested in SLE, select this button to complete your application for SLE.
Competitive applicants should also be physically fit and have no serious medical issues.  It is important to fill out the complete application, have good grades and valid test scores. 
There are only 1100 slots and entry into the SLE program is highly competitive.  The average attendee has:

  • SAT 1200-1300 or
  • ACT 26-30 and is in the
  • Top 20% of their class,
  • Member of the National Honor Society
  • Participates in high school clubs
  • Participates in extracurricular leadership activities such as Student Council, Boy/Girl Scouts, Boys/Girls State,
  • Is in very good physical condition and/or a varsity letter winner and/or team captain in at least one sport.

If you don't fit those categories, STILL APPLY.  You have to try!  If your dream is to attend the United States Military Academy as a cadet and become an Army Officer you are in the right place.  Many who attend SLE end up joining the Long Gray Line.
SLE applications are accepted from February 1st through March 15th of your junior year in high school.

How do students get selected/invited to the Summer Leaders Experience?    

Invitations to the seminar are awarded on a competitive basis using the academic, athletic and extracurricular information provided in the SLE application.

What does the SLE cost?    

The cost to attend SLE will be be $625 (payable online).  This cost covers clothing, supplies, meals, lodging and instructor expenses for one week.  It does not cover travel to and from West Point (if flying, buses pick up attendees from Newark Airport).