Schedule a Tour

The Academy offers three tour types that depend on where you are in the application process.

Schedule a Tour

The Academy offers three tour types that depend on where you are in the application process.

Experience the U.S. Military Academy Firsthand

West Point is located approximately 50 miles north of New York City in the picturesque Hudson Valley. We encourage all prospective cadets to visit the U.S. Military Academy at West Point to experience the historic campus and get a feel for cadet life.

Ways to Visit West Point

Prospective Cadet Tour

For those who have not yet applied.

Weekdays During the Academic Year and Select Days During the Summer

8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

This tour includes the admissions brief, a guided tour of West Point's grounds from an Admissions Officer, and an opportunity to ask questions 1 on 1 with an Admissions Officer.

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Open to any prospective applicants (including high school freshman and sophomores) and their parents.*

Prospective Candidate Tour Sign Up

Please review visitor requirements thoroughly before scheduling.

*During the summer months, only Prospective Candidate Tours are available.  Thus, during the summer, candidates with open applications will be offered the Prospective Candidate Tour.

Daily Tour

For those with open applications.

Weekdays Only During Academic Year

8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

This tour includes the admissions brief and the opportunity to spend the morning shadowing a cadet.

View the tour schedule.

To be eligible for a daily tour, you must have an open application.

To schedule a daily tour, log into your candidate portal.

Please review visitor requirements thoroughly before scheduling.

Overnight Tour

For those offered admission or with a Letter of Assurance or Letter of Encouragement.

Weekdays Only During Academic Year

8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. the following day

The overnight tour is only open to accepted candidates*

In addition to the admissions brief, prospective cadets shadow a cadet for 24 hours to truly experience West Point and have a one-on-one, personalized meeting with an admissions officer.

View the tour schedule.

*You must be a candidate who has been offered admission, has a letter of assurance (LOA), or has a letter of encouragement (LOE).

Please schedule an overnight tour from your candidate portal.

Please review visitor requirements before scheduling.

Visit Schedule

0730: Visitors screening and pass processing at the West Point Visitors Center (all tours)

0700-0800: West Point Shuttle departs from Buffalo Soldier Field (the shuttle leaves on the hour and half hour)

0835: Visitors arrive to Building 606 (all tours)

0845-1000: Admissions Information Brief (all tours)

0940: Candidates on Daily and Overnight Tours are paired with cadets and shadow (prospective students stay with parents)

1000-1040: Parents Brief and Q&A with West Point parent liaison (when available)

1040-1230: Walking Tour of West Point grounds and facilities for parents and prospective students (last day one event for parents of candidates on the Overnight Tour)

1230: Candidates on the Daily Tour return to Building 606

1230-1330: Optional meetings with Admissions Officer (Prospective and Daily Tours) 

End of Prospective & Daily tours.  


Day 2 Events for Overnight Tours Only:

1230:  Candidates and parents return to Building 606 

1230-1330:  Meeting with Admissions Officer for further Q&A

Visitor Requirements

Visitor Control Center

Except for valid DoD ID card holders, all visitors must obtain a background check to receive a visitor pass and enter West Point.

The Visitor Control Center, where visitors passes are issued, is located just outside Thayer Gate on the lower level of the Frederic V. Malek West Point Visitor Center building: 2107 New South Post Road, West Point, NY.

Please look for the signs for entrance. Normal hours of operation are  6 a.m. - 10 p.m. daily.

For more information or for questions about visiting West Point, please email the Visitor Control Center or call (845) 938-0390. 

Pro Tip: Allot an extra hour to complete this screening process.

If you are visiting the West Point area, consider exploring the Hudson Valley & Orange County Tourism website  for places to go and things to do!

For questions or more information, call (845) 615-3860 or visit the Orange County website.

More ideas about things to do in the Hudson Valley:

Prospective parents also have questions and are invited to participate in the campus tour!

Parent-focused events include the following:

Daily and Overnight* Tours:

  • Participate in Admissions Information Brief
  • Q&A session with Deb Dalton of West Point Parent Communications
  • Parents' tour of the campus
  • Q&A session with an admissions officer

*If your child is attending an overnight tour, you are welcome to explore the Hudson Valley and its many attractions. Resources can be found in the previous section, Visiting the Hudson Valley.

Summer Leaders Experience

Looking for a more immersive experience? At the Summer Leaders Experience (SLE), you will explore West Point from all angles, including our high-tech educational facilities, team-building athletic activities, and realistic military training. 

Approximately 1100 students are selected to attend the week-long SLE program each summer. If you have any other questions, please email us at:

To apply for SLE, fill out the Candidate Questionnaire.

Take a Virtual Tour

Before you come visit--or just to get an experience of West Point--all prospective cadets and parents are invited to explore the campus virtually.

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