To develop all West Point leaders so that they are prepared to employ an understanding of Civil-Military Operations (CMO) within the framework of the broad spectrum of challenges they will face in military service; to support transformational changes to professional military education across the Department of Defense and partnering organizations; and to establish West Point as the wellspring of professional military education in the realm of CMO.

Defining Civil-Military Operations

The activities of a commander that establish, maintain, influence or exploit relations between military forces, governmental and nongovernmental civilian organizations and authorities, and the civilian populace in a friendly, neutral, or hostile operation area in order to facilitate military operations, to consolidate and achieve operational US objectives.

Four Pillars

The Center accomplishes its missions by connecting our cadets to the Civil-Military Operations environment through our Four Pillars.  Each domain provides a wealth of learning that accompanies their own cadet transformations from entering civilians, to military students, to Civil-Military Practitioners as they embark on a path to leadership in support of the US Army.

Syllabus Integration

Fragile and conflict affected states that require U.S. and international attention will remain the norm for the foreseeable future. In such complex and dynamic operating environments, military leaders need to understand Civil-Military Operations (CMO) to effectively engage relevant actors in designing and implementing the comprehensive approaches subscribed to by the U.S. Government and its partners. Click here to learn more about Syllabus Integration and the other pillars.

Scholars & Scholarship

The pursuit of a knowledge in scholarly research is a critical path to advancing awareness for our cadets, the Army and the community of practice beyond.  We provide the infrastructure and focus necessary to tackle the nation’s and the world’s most challenging problems, bringing context to the classroom.  Our cadets, mentored by faculty, staff and collaborating enterprises, connect West Point to the Army and to the Nation through research exchange. Click here to learn more about Scholars & Scholarship and the other pillars. 

Service Learning

The Center provides immersion in the community of practice for Civil-Military Operations with its sponsorship of its cadet club the Cadet Community on Civil-Military Operations (C3MO) and its portfolio of Academic Individual Advanced Development (AIAD).  The mission of the Cadet Club is to provide cadets with practical, hands-on experience in the realm of Civil-Military Operations as an extension of their classroom experience. Click here to learn more about Service Learning and the other pillars. 

Symposia & Sharing

Though hosting and sponsored participation in national and international conference, we bring together and collaborate with communities of cadets, faculty and thought leaders introducing a wide variety of knowledge and views in a liberal arts setting. Accordingly, as groups and as individuals, these participants contribute to their respective communities of practice from different angles. Click here to learn more about Symposia & Sharing and the other pillars. 

How to Help

The Center aims to be the primary focal point for the development of cadets and junior officers in Civil-Military Operations. Beyond material support, the Center also seeks assistance from the alumni base and community of practice by; providing service learning experience in the public and private sectors, leveraging West Point intellectual capital connections with the Army, Department of Defense and Interagency partners and other national and international actors.

With a concerted and collective effort to study the full spectrum of CMO from root vulnerabilities to implementation and policy; the Center will achieve these goals and highlight the Academy in the eyes of the nation as a leader in this vital component of our national capabilities.

For other inquiries please contact Matthew Slayer at matthew.salyer@westpoint.edu