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The Department of Military Instruction’s Accessions Division is the United States Military Academy’s proponent to educate cadets and cadet mentors on army branches and the branching process. Accessions oversees USMA Branch Week, Branch Night, and Post Night, and leads the transition process from cadet to lieutenant during the second semester for the graduating class. 

Accessions is a subordinate division of the Department of Military Instruction, compromised of officers who represent the culture and personalities of each of the army branches. Branch Representatives serve as liaisons with branch proponent offices and Human Resource Command. Some officers preform branch representative duties for multiple branches.

All cadets complete the Accessions Program to successfully transition to their follow-on assignments after graduation.

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Branching education is a deliberate program executed in 4 stages throughout the 47-month experience. Accessions educates cadets and mentors to navigate the branching process and complete branch specific prerequisites. Cadets must utilize all USMA resources to build a competitive file for consideration in the branch selection process.

Stage 1: Plebe (Branch Exposure)

  • Cadet Basic Training / MS 100
  • Familiarization with 17x army branches and EOD
  • Roles and responsibilities of each branch in LSCO / MDO
  • Introduce cadets to branching file requirements

End State:  Cadets are informed on the basics of each branch in the army.


Stage 2: Yearling (Branch Engagements)

  • Cadet Field Training / MiAD / MS 200
  • Talent priority deep dive for top 3 branch preferences
  • Roles and responsibilities of officers/NCOs within top 3 branch preferences

End State:  Cadets understand branch specific warfighting fundamentals and branching file requirements.

Stage 3: Cow (Branch Experience)

  • CST Cadre / CTLT / MiAD / MS 300
  • Small group leaders (S&F) engage cohorts of top 3 branch preferences
  • Roles and responsibilities of a 2LT within top 3 branch preferences
  • Complete TAB / validate branching file and conduct interview prep

End State: Cadet files showcase agile/adaptive leaders & talent matches

Post Night

Stage 4: Firstie (Branch Evaluation & Transition)

  • Final Branch Week  / interview for branch / submit branch preference
  • Assign small group leader (S&F) to each cadet for posting guidance
  • Validate transition timelines (BOLC, CST Detail, AI, Med Hold, Scholars)

End State: Cadets transitioned to Lieutenants and prepared to win at BOLC and beyond