Developing Future Leaders of Character

Military Science Overview

By employing a variety of teaching techniques that include heavy use of tactical decision-making games, simulation exercises, and open discussions, the military science core program builds the skills and nurtures the attributes and qualities of character that are essential for army officers on today’s complex battlefields.

Cadet Summer Training Spotlight

Inspiring Passion for the Profession

ML100 Cadet Basic Training (CBT): CBT introduces new cadets to the foundational competencies required of commissioned officers to prepare them for military science instruction as a member of the Corps of Cadets. 

MS100 Introduction to Warfighting: This course provides cadets with the foundation of military and tactical knowledge necessary for future field training and development in subsequent military science courses.

ML200 Cadet Field Training (CFT): CFT emphasizes the foundational military competencies; prepares Third Class Cadets to assume duties as NCOs in the Corps of Cadets; instills the warrior ethos in each cadet; and inspires each cadet to professional excellence through physically and mentally demanding training.

MS200 Fundamentals of Small Unit Operations: This course introduces cadets to the small unit leader's role in the army by developing the foundational tactical knowledge, critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for adaptive leaders in current and future operational environments.

ML300 Cadet Leader Development Training (CDLT): CLDT serves as the capstone military training event at USMA and ensure cadets have the aptitude required to lead Soldiers upon commissioning. 

MS300 Platoon Operations: MS300 further develops the cadet's knowledge of doctrinal tactical principles and general professional knowledge, using Troop Leading Procedures (TLPs) as a framework for planning and preparation. 

MST Instructor Opportunities

The Military Science & Training Division (MST) has both Advanced Civil Schooling and Direct-Hire options for prospective faculty. MST officers and non-commissioned officers (NCOs) serve as Military Science Instructors, as well as operations and logistics officers and non-commissioned officers comparable to the brigade and battalion level during fall and spring planning and summer execution of Cadet Summer Training. 

Our team generates Department of the Army-level requirements in support of the United States Corps of Cadets' education, training, and inspiration when planning for the summer term, and they integrate the capabilities of every West Point major activity directorate during execution and assessment of summer term activities.

An assignment to the Military Science & Training Division will prepare senior Captains and Sergeants First Class to immediately succeed in key battalion and brigade staff positions upon their return to the operating force. It prepares senior Majors for assumption of battalion or squadron command or service in a centralized select list key billet.

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