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Army West Point Esports is a verified partner on Twitch with nearly 1.25 million views. Now you can join the cadets as they compete live from the comfort of your own home with any device.  Follow our social media sites to find out when the next match is for your favorite team. Log in and enjoy the show. Chat live with players and moderators from Army West Point Esports. 


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It is the intent of Army West Point Esports to enhance the cadet experience through interactions with competitive gaming and to strengthen the development of the winning spirit and fight for excellence to accomplish the mission.

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The United States Military Academy is now part of the exciting world of Esports. According to, the Esports audience has grown to 495 million people with an estimated yearly growth of +11.7%. You can also join Army West Point Esports and support their mission to Win with Honor. 

Five members of the original Esports teams standing together.
View of the computer lab at West Point where cadets can participate in esports.

Competition Software

What are the gaming platforms that make up the Army West point Esports competitive teams? Use the following links to learn more about each game so you can join the excitement.

Army West Point Esports doesn't exist without a home. The West Point Simulation Center is the official campus area dedicated for Esports. The West Point Simulation Center offers a 2,400 square foot computer lab space divided into three designated areas that supports physical distancing requirements needed during this trying time. The West Point Simulation Center also houses a live tournament area and production space called the CAVE. 

West Point Simulation Center logo

Army West Point Esports in the News!

Cadets within the program have found themselves at the forefront of the implementation of the exciting world of Electronic Sports (Esports). In tradition, the United States Military Academy has applied Esports to lessons on adaptability, decision making, tactics and leadership. 


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As the world responds to a global pandemic, Army West Point Esports finds itself in a unique position to continue to compete on a collegiate level that's fully online and isolated. Click here to read "For Army West Point esports, COVID-19 is business as usual".

How did technology play a role in the Army West Point Esports teams' capability to continue to compete during the pandemic? FedTech magazine highlights the Cadet's adaptability to change. Click here to read "How West Point's Esports Team Found a Way to Keep Playing".