Competitive Sports

"Upon the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that, upon other fields, on other days, will bear the fruits of victory."

- General Douglas MacArthur

Department of Physical Education Competitive Sports

  • West Point’s competitive sports program is unique in the Nation
  • The values-based program is an integral part of West Point’s curriculum
  • The focus is on winning but winning transcends the final score of any game or match. Winning is about becoming warrior leaders of character that are prepared to win our Nation’s wars.
  • Competitive sports provide a “higher purpose” that challenges cadets to reach their potential – as individuals, team members, and as future Army officers.
  • It is on “the fields of friendly strife” that adversity becomes a teacher, leaders emerge, and the game mimics life.


Competitive Sports Outcomes

  • To develop warrior athletes of character and build teams of significance.


Competitive Sports Vision

  • To become the premier sports education program in America for teaching character through sport and winning the right way.


Competitive Sports Guiding Principles

  • Teach character through sport
  • Instill the warrior ethos and the will to win
  • Develop physical fitness


Competitive Sports Programs

  • The Department of Physical Education Competitive Sports Program is divided into two branches – Company Athletics and Competitive Club Athletics.
  • In Company Athletics, formerly known as intramurals, cadets compete against other cadets as part of their company teams. Sports offered in the fall include submission grappling, flag football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and functional fitness. Spring sports include orienteering, area hockey, team handball, flickerball, and ultimate frisbee.
  • In Competitive Club Athletics, cadets compete against other universities within sanctioned club leagues and at the national level. The Department of Physical Education sponsors 15 Competitive Clubs: Boxing, Climbing, Crew, Cycling, Equestrian, Fencing, Judo, Marathon, Orienteering, Powerlifting, Men’s Team Handball, Women’s Team Handball, Triathlon, Men’s Volleyball, and Water Polo.