Lifetime Physical Activity Courses




The Upperclass Lifetime Physical Activities Program is designed to develop a foundation of skills, knowledge, and personal attributes, which will enable cadets to successfully participate in Lifetime Physical Activities, provide motivation for continued improvement, and establish a pattern of physical activity for a lifetime.

Enrollment in one DPE Lifetime Sport is mandatory for all Second class cadets. First class cadets may elect to enroll in additional lifetime sport courses beyond the one course requirement (minimum 2.5 PPS).

PE220 Aerobic Fitness - Dr. Todd Crowder
PE222 Badminton/Pickelball - Ms. Kim Nagy
PE223 Basketball - Mr. Arthur Coughlin
PE230 Cycling - Mr. Jason Suby
PE228 Combat Grappling - Mr. Matt Larsen
PE232 Emergency Water Safety - Mr. John McVan
PE238 Golf - Mr. Drew Van Dam
PE234 Lifeguarding - Mr. John McVan
PE226 Modern Army Combatives Level 1 Certification - Mr. Matt Larsen
PE245 Olympic Weightlifting - Dr. Dan Jaffe
PE246 Racquetball - Mr. Tim Goetz
PE248 Rock Climbing - Ms. Sue Kligerman
PE250 SCUBA - Dr. Craig Yunkere
PE252 Skiing - Mr. Greg Hess
PE256 Snowboarding - Dr. Craig Yunker
PE258 Soccer - Mr. John Palmer
PE264 Tennis - Dr. Lynn Fielitz
PE262 Strength Development - Dr. Dan Furlong
PE266 Volleyball - Dr. Lynn Fielitz