About the Directorate of Cadet Activities


The Directorate of Cadet Activities, known to the Corps of Cadets as "DCA" operates many of the auxiliary services typically found at institutions of higher learning.  Our programs and services are briefly explained in the following paragraphs.

DCA offers Cadets, West Point and local Communities first class Cultural Arts and entertainment through the offerings of Eisenhower Hall Theatre, also known as IKE HALL.

The Corps of Cadets have available to them several DCA auxiliary foodservice operations, such as Grant Hall, the First-Class Club, the Library Coffee Café, and "grab and go" snacks and sandwiches in Pershing Barracks.  DCA also has a robust catering operation available for special occasions, tailgates and the many conferences that are held at Eisenhower Hall.

DCA operates a Cadet Bookstore and the Cadet Store. Both stores are conveniently located close to barracks for ease of access.  Cadets can purchase military and personal clothing, school supplies and other basic sundries, without going off post.

Our Cadet Publications Branch produces the award-winning Howitzer Yearbook and the West Point 'Bugle Notes', known as the freshman (or plebe) "Book of Knowledge". Bugle Notes are required reading during Cadet Basic training.  With significant cadet participation, other publications include a literary magazine, a cadet yearly planner and a West Point calendar. All are available of purchase.

Cadet Programs Branch sponsors many class events such as dances, BBQ's, company and brigade social events and of course the traditional Class Formal events such as Ring Weekend, 100th and 500th Night events, Yearling Winter Weekend, and Plebe-Parent Weekend.

The Extracurricular Branch provides oversight and financial support to 137 cadet clubs. This robust extracurricular program includes a myriad of athletic, recreational, academic, religious, hobby, and diversity clubs – something for virtually every interest!

Our Cadet Social Development Office, traditionally referred to as the "Cadet Hostess", offers a variety of programs for the social development of cadets; including classes in dining etiquette, receiving lines, formal dress, wine tasting, dance lessons and classes on social etiquette for those spending a semester abroad.