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The mission of the Cadet Hostess Office is to assist with the social development of the United States Corps of Cadets, with a focus on social etiquette and military protocol.

General Information

The Cadet Hostess Office is located on the main floor of historic Cullum Memorial Hall. Since 1931, the role of the Cadet Hostess has been to support the social development of the Corps of Cadets. Today, that includes etiquette training and cultural awareness to better prepare Cadets and young officers to interact in a global society. Seminars and workshops are offered on a wide variety of topics, including: Dining Etiquette, Networking and Reception Etiquette, Social and Business Etiquette, and Military Wedding Etiquette and Protocol. Outside professionals are secured to present instruction in Ballroom Dance, Wine Appreciation, and Fashion and Personal Appearance. Support is given to all Cadet banquets and class weekend events. The Cadet Hostess Office maintains a small library of social, global, and service etiquette books, as well as New York City and Hudson Valley travel information. Free gift wrap is available to Cadets year-round. Wedding Sabers are shipped all across the country to graduates and officers in the Army. All events in Cullum Hall are coordinated through the Cadet Hostess Office.

The Cadet Hostess Office

605 Cullum Road
West Point, NY 10996
Cynthia Hunter - (845) 938-4681
Kathy Keirsey - (845) 938-3104

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Upcoming Events

--- Ongoing Events ---

Ballroom Dance Classes
Every Monday and Tuesday 
1930 and 2030
Cullum Hall Ballroom


Wine Tasting Classes
Every Wednesday and Thursday
1930 and 2000
Cullum Hall

NEW! Mixology Classes
Monthly Special Events
Mondays and Tuesdays
Cullum Hall

Hostess Lunch in the Mess
Every Wednesday
Rotating Cadet tables
Washington Hall