Military Weddings 

Military Weddings

A few things distinguish a military wedding from any other, making it a memorable experience for the wedding party and guests: 

  • Dress: Either the bride or the groom wears their military uniform, as well as any commissioned officers serving as groomsmen or saber bearers.
  • Rank: Your military rank is included on the wedding invitation as shown below:
    • Jonathan William Smith
    • Lieutenant, United States Army
    • (no distinction is made between first and second lieutenant)
  • Arch of Sabers Ceremony: This salute is conducted outdoors (weather permitting) immediately following the wedding ceremony, welcoming the bride and groom as a couple into the Army. Instructions for Conducting the Arch of Saber Ceremony.

How do I obtain the sabers for my wedding?

Military Chapels, including those at West Point, maintain sets of sabers for this ceremony. Therefore, contact your Chapel directly.

The Cadet Hostess Office maintains sets of officer sabers for use at weddings not held at a military installation. You may request a set of sabers to be delivered or picked up by contacting the Hostess Office at 845-938-3104.

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