Class of 2023 cadets receive results during Branch Night

By Jorge Garcia PV Staff Writer - December 7, 2022
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Eisenhower Hall was filled with exhilaration on Dec. 1 as Branch Night kicked off without a hitch, with cadets tearing open their envelopes, revealing the document that held the symbol of the branch they will serve as officers. 

Firsties waited with anticipation as the order was given to hand out envelopes that would determine each cadet’s destiny after graduating in May from West Point. 

Eisenhower Hall erupted with resounding joy, excitement and cheer at the sight of the document. Cadets embraced, high-fived and leapt with excitement. Others cried tears of joy as they realized their journey at West Point was coming to a triumphant end as they take on their final semester.  

“Reaching this milestone alongside my classmates was probably one of my favorite experiences I’ve had at West Point. Opening up the envelope was certainly a rush and celebrating afterward with my friends from the last three years was something I’ll never forget,” Class of 2023 Cadet Hannah Lamb said. “Branch Night felt like a culmination of years of work I put in to get my top branch choice and I’m extremely excited to commission and lead in that capacity.”

Lamb said she also felt that receiving the branch of her choice alongside her roommate and close friend, Class of 2023 Cadet Skye Williams, made the moment more meaningful and memorable.

“Williams and I were roommates last year and I was super happy to share that moment with her,” Lamb said. “She is branching Cyber and I will be an Army Aviator, but we’ll always be able to cherish this memory (and many more) together. One of the first things I did once I opened my envelope was show her my prop and wings before we exchanged hugs.”

When Williams opened the envelope and saw the Cyber branch insignia with the crossed lightning bolts, she was elated and filled with so much joy at being one step closer to commissioning into big Army, she said.

“I am appreciative of the encouraging support from my family, friends and mentors throughout my career at West Point and in the branching process,” Williams added. “Reaching this milestone represents a significant accomplishment and a new chapter in my life. I thank God my hard work and perseverance paid off, and I am blessed to receive my first branch choice. I am very grateful for the opportunity to lead Soldiers and serve in the cyber domain.”