June 27, 2022


R-Day, or Reception Day, is the day the cadet candidates report to West Point. Candidates report early in the day to begin their in processing for their 47-month experience. Reporting time will be assigned to each cadet. Parents and family members are invited to explore certain areas of West Point, visit the Parent Welcome and Information area in Eisenhower Hall, check out Army equipment and vehicles, hear remarks from leadership and view the Oath Ceremony at the end of the day. Please review the reporting letter posted on the candidate portal.

R-Day Schedule

Once the cadet candidates have been briefed and have said their good-byes to family members, they will be offered a list of activities to choose from. The schedule will be posted once it becomes available. Activities include tours of West Point, boat rides on the Hudson River, organ concert in the Cadet Chapel, religious services and receptions, agencies sharing information and the sale of West Point items. The Superintendent and other members of the Academy Leadership Team will give a presentation in the afternoon followed by the Oath Ceremony on the Plain at 6:30 p.m. 

Transportation & Information

Please review transportation and dining options for R-Day.

Parent/Visitor ID Cards


A visitor ID is a four-year ID card allowing parents to access West Point. Please complete the form found at this link and send it via email to the Visitor Control Center. The staff will input your information performing a NCIC3 background check before issuing the card.

Important Update Regarding R-Day Attendance: If you are attending and have not already completed the above step, it is past the email submission date. Instead, please prefill and print the form, and bring it in person to the Visitors Control Center.

Initially you may receive a temporary pass until you have time to sit for a photo for your formal Visitor ID.

Parent Handbook


Here is a link to the current Parent handbook:

2022-2023 Parent Handbook

Cadet Mailing Address


For all mail shipped USPS including packages, the United States Postal Service uses automation to process all mail. Since the machines read the mail, it is imperative that all mail follow the format with the 10997 zip code below:

Cadet Name
PO Box _ _ _ _
West Point, NY 10997-_ _ _ _

The following format should be used for any package that can not be shipped to a PO Box- for example Fed Ex and UPS packages. Please specify the cadet’s PO Box number as their unit number for proper addressing. Do not use the words PO Box when shipping through Fed Ex/ UPS as this is not allowed. Note the different zip code- 10996. See format below:

Cadet Name
745 Brewerton Road #_ _ _ _
West Point NY 10996-_ _ _ _

It is critical that all mail including packages shipped via USPS contain the correct PO Box number and correct zip code 10997. Missing either of these 2 elements will cause your package to be returned for insufficient address.

Please click here to view complete information.

R-Day FAQs

All will park in the Buffalo Soldier Field parking area, just inside Thayer Gate. Guests will be directed to tables where they will present proof of vaccination or proof of negative COVID test. Once checked and cleared, all will be directed to buses with their cadet candidates. The buses will transport cadet candidates, luggage, and parents and additional guests to Eisenhower Hall where the candidates will report during their designated report time. Cadet candidates and family members will be ushered into Eisenhower Hall Theater and receive a short briefing. At the conclusion of the briefing, you will have 60 seconds to say goodbye. The cadet candidates will begin their in processing for Cadet Basic Training (CBT).

Parents and family members may travel to West Point to drop off their cadet candidate. There will be some cadet candidates who will travel on their own. Information on  travel arrangements can be found in the "Instructions" booklet on the candidate portal.

Once you have said your goodbyes, you will not have any direct contact with your son or daughter on R-Day. You will have an opportunity to see the new cadets participate in the Oath Ceremony on the Plain on Monday, June 27 at 6:30 p.m.

The ceremony is just that, a ceremony where the new cadets will march in formation out onto the Plain and repeat the oath taken earlier in the day during in processing. The oath affirms their commitment to enter West Point as a cadet. This ceremony will take place on Monday, June 27 at 6:30 p.m.

A map will be available with the approximate locations of company positions, but, they will be positioned Company A-I left to right as you are viewing the Plain from the bleachers. The cadets will be arranged by height in the formation for the Oath Ceremony. But please know, you can view the ceremony from any seat in the bleachers. This formation is more compact than many of the other parades, ceremonies or reviews.

The Parent Information and Welcome area will be available 6 a.m.- 4 p.m.  The 50-year affiliate class will offer a post-lunch break area in the Class of ’63 Lounge, also known as Benny’s Lounge, on the 3rd level of Ike Hall. The Oath Ceremony will take place at 6:30 p.m. Departure is recommended for all once the oath ceremony is complete. Buses will be available to transport guests back to Buffalo Soldier Field parking area as soon as the review is over.

Although R-Day is a great day to visit West Point, there is no further contact with your son/daughter once you say your goodbyes during the report time. Acceptance Day is an opportunity to see a wonderful parade, celebrate the end of summer training and spend time with your cadet. Once the parade is over, the cadets (now officially plebes), are released soon after the parade to spend time with their families. For more information please see the Acceptance Day FAQ (update coming soon).

Photos and videos will be shared from West Point Public Affairs during the summer.  This will continue during the academic via the West Point social media platforms.

The West Point home page can be found at www.westpoint.edu. The Parent Information page can be found at www.westpoint.edu/parents. Various documents are posted on this site throughout the year.

Photos are posted on Flickr. Information and links are posted on Facebook: www.facebook.com/westpointparents and www.facebook.com/westpointUSMA

Videos are posted to YouTube and linked to from the West Point website and/or Facebook.

The West Point Association of Graduates also share photos. Links can be found on its website.

Cadet Basic Training (CBT) FAQs

New cadets will have an opportunity to call home 2-3 times during their training. The phone calls will be scheduled as time permits, depending on their training schedule. The timeline is often shared during CBT via social media or email to parents.

Cadets are offered the opportunity to call home at the midway point (July 17 – New Cadet Visitation Day between 1-5 p.m.). New Cadet Visitation Day is a time for the cadets to visit with staff and faculty for the afternoon. The staff and faculty offer their phones and sometime computers or other smart devices for these calls.

During CBT, contact is limited to brief phone calls or regular mail. We ask that you not visit West Point during CBT. This is a time for your sons and daughters to experience the challenges and rigors of their initial training. They will have plenty to share via their letters, phone conversations and your visit during Acceptance Day (details to follow). Please know we have staff photographers who will do their best to capture many of the training events to share with family and friends via our website and social media platforms.

New cadets are issued sunscreen and bug repellent (it's a mix of both). Their uniforms are treated prior to issue and the repellant is good for up to 25 washes.

Yes, it is very normal for a new cadet to lose weight over the summer. Their eating habits will change from grazing (while at home) to eating 3 family-style meals a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Understand that there is no soda/junk food, etc. - they drink water, juice and sports drinks almost exclusively during CBT. They are constantly on the move. They conduct physical training twice a day for the most part. It is not atypical for training to include a field exercise where they will walk well over 20 km over 3 days. They are being taken care of but the weight loss is a natural consequence to the change in lifestyle. Nutrition is paid very close attention during CBT. They are supplied with meals that have a significant amount of calories to ensure they are properly nourished and have the appropriate energy stores to complete the expected training. For all major training events, they are offered protein bars and energy drinks. A new cadet’s weight is monitored. It is a point of emphasis for all involved.

All injuries are evaluated and treated on a case by case basis. Continuation and participation in training will depend on the severity of the injury.

Information from the Chaplain’s office – New cadets have services at 8 a.m. on Sundays (various locations). The mission requirements of training may supersede scheduled worship but they are the exception.

If during CBT, call Central Guard Room (845) 938-3030 and leave a message for a member of your new cadet’s TAC team. They will call back once they receive the message. Additionally (VERY IMPORTANT), please notify the Red Cross.

The Red Cross helps with the verification so the chain of command can make a decision regarding emergency leave. For more information please see the Red Cross Emergency Communications web page . In addition to the website, the Red Cross now has a very helpful app. You can review the services provided via this site.

The information below is another way for Service members and families to start a Red Cross message through our new app. The Hero Care App is available to download for free in app stores, by texting ‘GETHEROCARE’ to 90999 or by clicking this link from a mobile device.

If an emergency occurs after CBT, you can connect directly with your cadet or via the chain of command.

If you feel they may need support, especially if delivering news of a loss in the family, you can call the TAC team via Central Guard Room, (845 938-3030) and ask for a member of the TAC team to return your call. The TAC or TAC NCO will call as soon as possible.

Additionally (VERY IMPORTANT), please notify the Red Cross. The Red Cross helps with the verification so the chain of command can make a decision regarding emergency leave. For more information please see this link.

Please know counselors and chaplains are available to support cadets as needed.

If you have further questions, please email Deb Dalton or call (845) 938-8826.

The out-processing from CBT can take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks. The initial counseling process by the Chain of Command is deliberately extended over the course of a few days to give the New Cadet every opportunity to assess the situation with upperclassmen feedback. At that point they will speak with their Tactical Officer/Deputy Commander who can explain the benefits and opportunities of a career in the Army. The rest of the time is utilized processing the paperwork through the Superintendent. During this portion the new cadet transitions into Summer Garrison Regiment where they will turn in their equipment and attend regular accountability formations waiting for their paperwork to be completed.

One of the out-processing tasks at the Tactical Officer level is to contact the parents to inform them. In most cases the TAC authorizes the New Cadet a phone call home as most of the issues tend to revolve around home sickness. In some cases multiple phone calls are authorized to navigate the situation, but are not the norm as new cadets are supposed to be overcoming the challenges of CBT themselves.

General FAQs

New cadets should bring receipts for travel costs when they report for R Day. Within a few days after R-Day, they will meet with staff members who will  help enter the information necessary for reimbursement; airline costs, a night in a hotel, incidentals, mileage, etc. Keep in mind the government sets limits on allowable costs. Reimbursement will be deposited into the new cadet’s personal account sometime during the summer.

All new cadets underwent academic testing prior to reporting. The purpose of the Academic Validation and Placement Program is to place new cadets in the appropriate academic level of instruction during their plebe year. Please click here for more information regarding academics.

The March Back is the culminating event for CBT. The new cadets, cadre, members of the staff and faculty and alumni will march (ruck march) from Lake Frederick back to the cadet area of West Point. The distance covered is approximately 12-14 miles. The movement pauses at the Victor Constant Ski Slope where they will have an opportunity to eat breakfast and take a brief rest before proceeding through Washington Gate. The formation will be joined by the West Point Band and will continue through the post finishing on the apron in front of Washington Hall.. Please know you will not have any contact with your new cadet during this time, but they appreciate the support shown by those in attendance. The new cadets eat lunch on the apron. Once lunch is complete, they will join their academic companies and begin the process of reorganization in preparation for the academic year.

**Special note for parents (of the Class of 2026) who are West Point graduates – please check this site for more information.

Once the new cadets complete the March Back, the last event of CBT, they begin a period of approximately five days of reorganizing. This reorganization period is for the entire Corps of Cadets. New cadets will move into their academic year companies, learn their new chain of command, meet their Team Leader (a yearling assigned to help set the new cadet/plebe up for success), receive their academic schedules, pick up books, pick up computers, attend briefings, attend drill practice, learn the locations of their classrooms and more. This is a very busy time for the Corps of Cadets. New cadets will receive their cell phones during this time (if they brought on R-Day) and may be able to make calls/send texts on a limited basis. They will have access to email, usually by mid-week in the event they did not bring their cell phone.

During Reorganization Week, the new cadets are escorted to all locations.

Acceptance Day is the day the new cadets will be accepted into the Corps. The Acceptance Day Parade will take place on Saturday, August 13, 2022 at 10 a.m. on The Plain. The parade features the entire brigade of approximately 4400 cadets. Members of the Class of 2026 officially become plebes during the parade. The new cadets march out separately from the rest of their companies, but at a certain point during the parade an order will be given for the companies to open and the new cadets to join the ranks, being accepted into the Corps. If traveling with guests needing handicapped accommodations, please know handicapped accessible parking is limited in the area of the Plain. You may wish to drop off your guests near the bleachers and park in other lots or along Thayer Road. Shuttle buses will be available for your convenience.

Hats, sunscreen, and bottled water are recommended depending on the forecast. Point of etiquette for the parade -- please remain seated until all cadets have departed the Plain. Thank you!

Following the parade, cadets will be released (usually) no later than 1 p.m. to enjoy appropriate privileges. Cadets must return to the barracks by taps. Cadets are released Sunday morning (5:20 a.m.) but must return to the barracks in time for accountability. Cadets will be aware of the privileges allowed. For more information, please see the FAQ on Acceptance Day (coming soon) on the Parent Information page.

During the academic year, cadets approved for a pass to depart for the weekend will leave after their last class or duty on Friday and return in time for an accountability formation on Sunday (or Monday if a long weekend.) Typically cadets are released for Thanksgiving after their last class. This year classes will end on Tuesday, Nov. 22. Cadets will depart for Thanksgiving break after their last class or duty. For leave at the end of the semester, the cadets will know their TEE (Term End Exam) schedule by early October. Remind them to keep checking! Once their schedules are finalized, please allow plenty of time between the end of their exam period to departure as they will need time to clear their rooms, complete duties, etc.

Please talk to your cadet before making plans to visit West Point. There are duties, responsibilities, training, inspections, and parades that happen on weekends at West Point. However, if there is nothing planned, please keep in mind cadets manage their down time. There are opportunities to visit recreation facilities (bowling alley, movies, ski slope and golf course). They may visit with their sponsor families, walk to Highland Falls, use the gym/work out, etc. It is always best to speak with your cadet to be sure they will be on post and will have time to visit with you or others who may be in the area.

Thank you for sharing your sons and daughters with us!

Please click here for printable version of FAQs.