Parent/Visitor ID Cards


A visitor ID is a four-year ID card allowing parents to access West Point. Please complete the form found at this link and hand deliver it to the Visitor Control Center. The staff will input your information performing a NCIC3 background check before issuing the card.

Important Update Regarding R-Day Attendance: If you are attending and have not already completed the above step, it is past the email submission date. Instead, please prefill and print the form, and bring it in person to the Visitors Control Center.

Initially, you may receive a temporary pass until you have time to sit for a photo for your formal Visitor ID.

Parent Handbook


Here is a link to the current Parent handbook:

2023-2024 Parent Handbook

Cadet Mailing Address


For all mail shipped USPS including packages, the United States Postal Service uses automation to process all mail. Since the machines read the mail, it is imperative that all mail follow the format with the 10997 zip code below:

Cadet Name
PO Box _ _ _ _
West Point, NY 10997-_ _ _ _

The following format should be used for any package that can not be shipped to a PO Box- for example Fed Ex and UPS packages. Please specify the cadet’s PO Box number as their unit number for proper addressing. Do not use the words PO Box when shipping through Fed Ex/ UPS as this is not allowed. Note the different zip code- 10996. See format below:

Cadet Name
745 Brewerton Road #_ _ _ _
West Point NY 10996-_ _ _ _

It is critical that all mail including packages shipped via USPS contain the correct PO Box number and correct zip code 10997. Missing either of these 2 elements will cause your package to be returned for insufficient address.

Please click here for a printable version of mailing information.