Ring Weekend

Ring Weekend, Aug 26-27 

The Class of 2023 conducts Ring Weekend activities in order to distribute class rings during a professional ceremony that reflects on the storied
history of the "Long Gray Line", and celebrates their class accomplishments with a formal banquet.

The ceremony at Trophy Point will begin at 5:05 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 26, following Retreat. Shuttle buses will be available to transport guests from
Buffalo Soldier Field to Trophy Point, 3 - 7 p.m. Parking in the Trophy Point area is very limited.

The Ring to Solidify Them All

West Point recognizes First Class cadets, during a ring ceremony to celebrate the accomplishment of reaching their senior year. This milestone in a cadet’s tenure signifies the prodigious commitment to join the Long Gray Line on graduation day. For the remainder of the year, the ring serves as a constant reminder of the work left to be accomplished leading them toward commissioning. It also signifies a cadet’s past, present and future, both at the academy and impending endeavors in the Army and beyond.  A class ring is much more than a piece of jewelry, it is the connection to the Corps and the Long Gray Line for all eternity – symbolic of their devotion to Duty, Honor and Country.

Ring Melt Links Class to the Past

Each year, the West Point Association of Graduates (WPAOG) conducts its annual Ring Melt ceremony at Eisenhower Hall Theatre. One after another, these golden symbols of Duty, Honor, Country are gently placed in the unique crucible centered on the table. The table is arranged with the photos and information of every single donor. The ringʼs donor or its representative comes to the position of attention and salutes, and for many of these donors, it is their final roll call. At the conclusion of the ceremony, every donor receives a handwritten letter from a cadet to show their appreciation for the donations.

The rings are then taken to the Bartlett Hall Science Center to be melted down into a gold ingot. The entire ceremony takes little more than three hours, but the memories will last a lifetime for these cadets.