Physical Program


The Physical Program assists in the mission of developing commissioned leaders of character by providing a foundation for basic movement skills and then challenging cadets to employ what they have learned through advanced skill application.  This development is accomplished through core physical education coursework, physical fitness testing, and participation in competitive sports. Every cadet must participate in competitive sports throughout the academic year, whether in varsity intercollegiate athletics, intercollegiate clubs, or company athletics. The program challenges Cadets every day but is both rewarding and instrumental in their development.


The Department of Physical Education Mission is to educate, train and inspire the Corps by challenging each Cadet in activities that promote holistic health and optimal physical performance in order to commission leaders of character who are physically fit and mentally tough.

Goals of the Physical Program at West Point

  1. Demonstrate physical excellence;
  2. Plan, prepare, execute, assess, and improve physical readiness training;
  3. Live honorably and develop effective teams;
  4. Demonstrate resiliency and courage;
  5. Commit to a lifetime of optimal physical performance.

Four-Year Curriculum Includes

  • Seven core curriculum classes:
    • Boxing (PE116)
    • Military Movement (PE117)
    • Survival Swimming (PE109/32X)
    • Combat Applications (PE360)
    • Fundamentals of Personal Fitness (PE215)
    • Lifetime Physical Activities (PE2XX)
    • Army Fitness Development (PE450)
  • Fitness testing to include IOCT, OPAT, and ACFT

Competitive Sports

  • Intercollegiate (NCAA, 28 Teams)
  • Club (16 Competitive Teams)
  • Company Intramurals (11 Sports)