Center for Innovation and Engineering

Center for Innovation and Engineering

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The Center for Innovation and Engineering's mission is to provide engineering research and development opportunities to enhance the education of cadets, the professional development of faculty members, and outreach to the Army and the Nation. ​

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Center for Innovation and Engineering Projects

Joining forces with our brilliant faculty and staff in funded research projects, where cadets pioneer innovative solutions to critical engineering challenges. Together, tackling the toughest problems facing the Department of Defense and the Nation. 

Agile Ground Robots

AGRO combines both legged and wheeled platforms in its design to be highly maneuverable and rapidly deployable in emergency situations.

The Warehouse Automated Robots (WAR)

The WAR team, comprised of cadets from CME and EECS, is working to transform the 155 mm round production line of the historic Iowa Army Ammunition Plant.

Space Engineering and Research (SPEAR Rocket)

(SPEAR-HRT) capstone team is developing a two-stage sub-orbital sounding rocket capable of passing the Kármán line at over 100km altitude

Contaminant Dispersion Through A Ventilated Building

Designing a building model featuring an open interior and implementing a ventilation system to study the movement of fluids both inside and around the structure.

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The Office of Research helps coordinate West Point’s research efforts with external entities. Those interested in conducting research with West Point can email the Associate Dean for Research.