USMAPS Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions arranged in the following categories:


How do I apply to attend USMAPS?
You do not directly apply to attend USMAPS. You must apply to USMA by completing a Pre-Candidate Questionnaire and by obtaining a nomination, normally from a United States Congressman or Senator. Your admission to USMAPS is determined as part of the USMA Admissions process. Go to the USMA Admission’s webpage for more information. 

What are the minimum admission requirements?
You must meet certain requirements specified by public law. You must be a United States citizen, at least 17, and not yet 23 years of age on July 1 of your year of USMA admission. You must not be married, pregnant, or have a legal obligation to support a child or children. If you are a naturalized citizen, you must provide documentation.

How do I apply if I am an Active Duty Soldier?
The application steps are the same for Soldiers as they are for civilians who apply; however, Soldiers can obtain a nomination from their company commander and are automatically considered for the Preparatory School if not directly admitted to West Point. 

When will I receive my offer to USMA if I attend USMAPS?
The majority of individuals that earn an offer of admission to USMA will normally receive that offer during the first week of May (just prior to USMAPS graduation). However, offers are made on an individual basis and the timeline can vary.

If I attend USMAPS, am I automatically admitted to USMA at the end of the year?
No, you are not guaranteed admission to USMA. You must earn admission to USMA by completing all requirements prescribed by the USMA admission process.


Why is a deposit required prior to Cadet Candidate Basic Training?
The up-front deposit covers the expenses occurred during the initial issue of uniforms and other items Cadet Candidates receive during Cadet Candidate Basic Training.


Will I get paid as a Cadet Candidate?
Yes, you will receive a monthly salary equivalent to Cadet pay. For prior enlisted Soldiers, you will receive pay at your current enlistment grade. A portion of your pay is directly deposited into your bank account, while the other portion is deposited into your Cadet Candidate account to cover incurred expenses throughout the year (school books, laundry services, etc.).


What expenses will I have as a Cadet Candidate?
Expenses at USMAPS include initial issue items, books and school supplies, the Army Navy football game ticket, and a laundry charge. Payments for these expenses will be directly withdrawn from your Cadet Candidate account.


I mailed my initial deposit payment; however, my portal shows that my payment has not been received. Why is this?
The portal will not be updated with the initial deposit until everything on the portal has been completed. Contact the admissions office to determine if there are any missing or incomplete portions of your application packet.


Will I have to file taxes?
Yes, your salary is taxable. USMAPS will coordinate with the tax center to facilitate tax preparation and filing. Additionally, the West Point Tax Center will provide an information letter during tax season explaining all requirements.


What is Cadet Candidate Basic Training (CCBT)?
CCBT is a three-week training program that teaches basic Soldier tasks and drills while also developing individual, physical, and mental strength. 


What is the Cadet Candidate Packing List?
The packing list is everything that a Cadet Candidate will need prior to arriving at USMAPS. It is a list of mandatory items that will sustain Cadet Candidates throughout their Basic Training experience. The packing list applies to all Cadet Candidates. Ensure that you bring all the items, along with all the forms prescribed on the checklist to facilitate smooth in-processing. All paperwork is filed by the Battalion Personnel section and a copy can be issued upon request. 


Will I be able to contact my family during CCBT?
Yes, you will be able to contact your family via US mail. You will be issued a mailbox within the first few days of CCBT. This information will be available to parents on Reception Day (R-Day). The following format is how mail and packages should be addressed to Cadet Candidates throughout CCBT and the entire academic year: CC Last Name, First Name 950 Reynolds Road, # _ _ _ West Point, NY 10996 NOTE: This mailbox is NOT a U.S. Post Office Box (P.O. Box). Please DO NOT write P.O. Box anywhere in the mailing address as this may result in your mail and packages being returned to sender. 


Can my parents send me care packages during CCBT?
No, you are not authorized to receive packages during CCBT. Any packages that do arrive prior to or during CCBT will be held until the completion of training.


What is Re-Organization (Re-orgy) Week?
Re-Organization Week is the week following the end of Cadet Candidate Basic Training (CCBT) and prior to the start of the academic school year. This week serves to re-fit and re-focus Cadet Candidates and prepare for the upcoming academic year. Note: Cadet Candidates are able to receive care packages during Re-orgy week.


When will I able to go home?
You will be able to earn pass priviliges and accumulate chargeable leave days. No passes or leave will be taken during CCBT or Re-Organization week; the only exception is Emergency Leave. Note: We encourage Cadet Candidates to use approved leave and passes to spend time with family. The scheduled holiday periods are highlighted on the USMAPS home page. 


Am I responsible for all travel over holidays and breaks?
You are responsible to purchase your own tickets for travel during pass or leave. During long holidays or breaks, USMAPS coordinates bus transportation from USMAPS to select New York area airports. Cadet Candidates utilizing this bus transportation must purchase a ticket in advance.


Will I be able to have a vehicle at USMAPS?
Yes, you are authorized a personally owned vehicle (POV) while attending USMAPS. You will be required to register your POV with the West Point Provost Marshal Office following your arrival. 


Will I be issued a computer?
Yes, you will be issued government laptops to facilitate your studies. All rules and regulations will be adhered to while utilizing government issued laptops and while on the government network. You will not be authorized to download software, utilize peer-to-peer networks (i.e. Skype, OOVOO, or other video chat software), or connect personal cell phones to your computer. 


Will I be able to wear civilian clothes?
Yes, you will have the opportunity to wear appropriate civilian clothes outlined in Cadet Candidate Regulation 1-1 (which is issued following your arrival). 


Will I be able to attend religious services?
Yes, you will have the opportunity to attend the multitude of religious services offered on West Point. For more information please see the USMA Office of Chaplains’ Webpage.


If I previously attended USMAPS, how do I request my transcripts?
To request a transcript, please contact the Academic Department Secretary at (845) 938-1930.


Do I need a ticket to attend USMAPS athletic competitions? 
No. All USMAPS’ athletic contests are free of charge.


How can my parents get in touch with me in case of an emergency?
The 24 hour emergency number is 845-476-1529. This is the Staff Duty Officer phone number and somebody will be available 24 hours a day to assist you. 


What is the mailing address for my Cadet Candidate?
Specific box numbers will be issued to Cadet Candidates and family members on R-Day. The following format is how mail and packages should be addressed to Cadet Candidates: CC Last Name, First Name 950 Reynolds Road, # _ _ _ West Point, NY 10996 NOTE: This mailbox is NOT a U.S. Post Office Box (P.O. Box). Please DO NOT write P.O. Box anywhere in the mailing address as this may result in your mail and packages being returned to sender.