Military Infrastructure and Capabilities

Military Infrastructure and Capabilities

The United States Military Academy (USMA) is executing a paradigm shift in its approaches to military training and development.  Currently, we conduct three months of military training each summer to imbue cadets with necessary military competencies, skills, and awareness/understanding of how the Army operates and fights.  USMA’s vision and plan for the future expands military training across the year and integrates it more fully with academic and physical development domains, to achieve a more persistent and continuous approach to holistic leader development across all domains.

To achieve these aims, modernized facilities and year-round capabilities are required across the West Point Military Complex to facilitate USMA’s current and future military training and development methodologies as aligned with the priorities set by the Army.  This project is a critical component to enabling local provision of Army training that is relevant to the present and looking into the future, so that it may be regularly integrated into the overall development program at the Army's preeminent leadership development institution.        

Click here to view a diagram that illustrates the West Point Military Complex development plan.

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