The Core Program prepares all cadets to be successful in applying technology throughout their educational experience at West Point and then throughout their Army careers. This is a reflection of the Army's longstanding commitment to technology in all forms. Our core courses descend from a tradition of technology in the curriculum from USMA's beginnings as America's first engineering school to today's emphasis on current military information systems. "We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology" - Carl Sagan Our core courses are designed to provide cadets with the foundation to enable them to be life-long learners and users of information technology.

Core Courses

The Core Program consists of two courses. The first, in the freshman year, prepares cadets to successfully employ technology for the rest of their time at West Point and beyond. Its most important goal is for cadets to "learn how to learn" about technology. The second course, in the junior year, is focused on the theory and principles behind battlefield information technology, the systems our graduates will see during their first ten years of service. Cyber security is a thread woven through both of these courses, which are detailed below.

Engineering Sequence

The Cyber Engineering Sequence provides the non-majors with a grounding in the art and science of software design and construction. The three courses of the sequence are shown here.

  • CY300 Programming Fundamentals
  • CY350 Network Engineering & Management
  • CY450 Cyber Security Engineering

The Robotics Engineering Sequence provides non-majors with the essential skills and knowledge needed to design elementary electrical and electronic systems. The three courses of the sequence are shown here.

  • EE300 Fundamentals of Digital Logic
  • EE350 Basic Electrical Engineering
  • EE450 Military Robotic Systems